Kopenhagen Fur Auction June 2015 video

Kopenhagen Fur Auction June 2015 the video made live

Yes, I have a voice. =)  I speak. I have never spoken in videos. I have always used my voice – which is a little nasal 🙂  to present fashion videos for Elle Italia. On my blog I have never spoken before –  I preferred to leave room for the images.

Kopenhagen Fur Auction June 2015 video I thought of creating this video to conclude my FUR SEASON: the fur year that started in Speptember and finished in June/ July.

Kopenhagen Fur’s June 2015 auction closes the fur year. The new year will restart in the first days of September with the next auction. (In theory the last auction of the year would be Nafa but this is the only auction I don’t collaborate with).

From 2013 to today I have developed many projects with KF not only videos but also many posts about my experiences.

Kopenhagen Fur Auction does not deal exclusively with selling skins furs but has a global vision in the fields of fashion and fur, in fact it invests in projects connected to the international fashion sector. Those of you who have been following me for a long time will know about my experiences during the Fashion Weeks of Copenhagen, Shanghai, Beijing and the posts in New York and in Milan.

Naturally these projects have allowed me to grow, train, share with you with you my greatest passion that, today, has transformed into a real job.

With Kopenhagen Fur from 2013 to today I have made these videos  🙂  :

Even if in September there will be neither auctions nor Fashion Weeks,  having shot chinchilla, mink and swakara skins at KF, I will soon share lots of posts dedicated to the new trends in fashion and fur.

Inspection room Kopenhagen fur 2015
Inspection room Kopenhagen fur 2015


There are five fur auctions in the world.

KF was the first auction to invest in me, it is where I studied and it is the one that motivated me to work seriously on my blog.

Saga Furs is the Finnish auction that I have been collaborating with for three years, and for whom I recently made a video immersed in fox and in August I will make another set in their Design Center.

Sojuspinina is the Russian auction in Saint Petersburg, famousa for selling sable: I have only done one post but we will collaborate all next year.

Then there are Fur Harvester and AlC that I worked with two years ago in Kastoria.

A last precision: the world of fashion and that of fur are quite similar. In the fashion one there are Fashion Weeks and shows one after the other. Here you can see the calendar, anyway to give you an idea, the most important weeks are those of New York, London, Milan, Paris etc.

In the world of fur the skin auctions fall one after the other like fashion weeks. They don’t last only seven days however but a bit more because there are the inspection days and then those of the sales of skins. To see all the posts dedicated to the auctions click here.

lady fur at kopenhagen fur auction house

Video Azzurra Piccardi

Make up: Lea Sonne

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  • An excellent, informative post, and lovely video, to mark the end of your fur season! Your growing poise and confidence show in the video. You can share more of your ideas and passion by speaking, which you do very well. A couple of phrases were a little difficult to understand, but you’ll improve by leaps and bounds with practice!

    The post is an impressive record of your achievements as ambassador and enthusiast regarding auctions over two years. You can be proud of what you’ve done, Lady Fur.

    Looking forward to your forthcoming posts with the chinchilla, mink and swakara (a new fur, and word, to me, thank you!), but I hope you take time for a holiday

  • Hey, hi! 🙂 Nice to meet you! I’m verry glad you like my web page. I hope you enjoy reading it on every day! In the future (2 weeks maybe) i will have alots of post like fashion expert. I hope we will keep in tuch. I’m so excited!! <3 I wait your oppinion then!
    You are looking so cute <3 By the way: i love fur and soft clothes! You're not the only one. I whant everyhing i see with fur :))) Acting like a child :))
    Kisses, Alexa!

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