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A precious discovery and a tip for you: let’s find out about

Write down this name on your personal notes: “FashionFinFur”. And get ready to save a brand new website among your bookmarks.

In an ever-changing global landscape, the need for creativity, strong entrepreneurship and fresh ideas is very felt.

So let’s see what is happening under the Finnish (virtual) skies, when it comes to fashion and the fur industry.

We’re talking about the very first (and only – worldwide!) eshop dedicated to fox skins, and their mutations.

Pro tip! If you’re about to start working on your next Fall/Winter collection, you will find today’s blogpost extremely useful:, in fact, is going to be a precious resource in case you’re looking for fox top quality skins- selected and WelFur certified. A pretty unique digital destination where to get luxury fox skins. is a family business built around glorious roots – being Bo-Göran (father of the actual owners of the biz) a breeding expert with lifelong experience raising specialty fur. But also a project strongly projected towards the future.

Son and daughter wrote this new chapter of their family story back in January, excited to give birth to a forefront online platform dedicated to natural fur of finest quality.

Surfing on will find it very easy to discover contents and services, other that detailed information on their values and up-to-date news on their activities.

The webshop section goes into details about the three types of fox skins treated by the company as well as precious insights about all their mutations.

But let’s get into details!

Silver, Frost and BlueFox: these are the types of skins that you will find on 

Each type includes many varieties.

Dressed fox pelts WelFur certified of course!

Fox pelts of Silver Fox Types are Amber Fox, Arctic Marble Cross Fox, Arctic Marble Fox, Choco Silver Fox, Colicot Fox, Cross Fox, Cross Fox, Fire Gold Fox, Gold Cross Fox, Gold Fox, Palomino Silver Fox, Platinum Cross Fox, Platinum Fox, Platinum Gold Fox, Silver fox, Smokey Fire Gold Fox, Smokey Fox, Smokey Snow Glow Fox, Snow Glow Fox, Sun Glo Fox.

Palomino Silver Fox, for example, has a unique pale cream color with peachy golden tones on its back. Palomino Fox belongs to the Silver Fox family which gives it its beautiful long hair. A absolutely lovely color.

Fox pelts of Frost Type are: Amber Frost Fox, Arctic Marble Frost Fox, Blue Frost Fox, Fawn Light Fox, Golden Island Fox, Golden Island Fox, Palomino Cross Frost Fox, Palomino Frost Fox, Palomino Frost Fox, Sapphire Frost Fox.

Sapphire Frost Fox, for example, has medium hair length and it has beautiful grey colour with a darker marking in the middle of the back. Its colour is really special and it’s hard to catch it in a picture. Production volume is limited.

Fox pelts of Blue Fox Type are: Blue Fox, Pastel Blue Fox, Shadow Blue Fox.

Blue Fox, for example, has soft sleek guard hair and a dense full underfur. Blue Fox has relatively short and even hair length. Blue Fox is also the base product for the fur industry in Finland and the most common variety of fox type.

All these precious, natural colored fox pelts come exclusively from Welfur certified fur farms in Finland. Welfur assesses fur producers based on best-practice guidelines. Recognized by the European Commission, Welfur standards cover housing, feed, health and treatment of the animals.

FashionFinFur solid expertise in the fur industry guarantees: the finest quality, the enhancement of the unique characteristics of the rare types of fur available through the website, and also the best possible care and conditions throughout the animals’ lives.

Experience and specific skills are priceless, when it comes to choosing a business and creative partner: and FashionFinFur has it really all! is a business created for fashion designers, brand managers, heads of leather and fur garment departments who are looking for something unique and special. Small quantities but really well sorted. 
For them customer experience is not an option but a priority. I’m sure you will have a unique experience.

Many designers have already ordered mutation foxes through you can read the positive comments on their website – what are you waiting for?

Ciao Welovefur Team

PS: when we found out about Fashion Fin Fur we came up with so many questions and we immediately contacted FashionFinFur team – after a few minutes we understood that the answers were already on the website. We literally felt so stupid! lol! However, on the FAQ section of the website you can find many questions and answers really useful also for who is not yet really specialized in fox mutations.

I write some of the questions found on just to give you a quick view

What is a color mutation and how does it work?

Why are all the skins divided into a light, medium and dark scale?

Is your fur Sustainable?

Why can’t I buy as much as I want?

Ciao xoxoxo

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