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astrid andersen fur

Today’s look is a gorgeous fiery orange fur from the brand Astrid Andersen. Completely in fox and in a colour that not only attracts the gaze of pedestrians but also recalls the idea of ​​warmth and tenacity. The garment is from the latest collection presented in London last January for the autumn/winter 2020 collection. I wore it in Milan for men’s fashion week a few days later from the actual fashion show.astrid andresen 2020 2021 astrid andersen fall winter 2020 fur orange coat astrid andersen fur orange coat

As you can see from the photos, this garment is one of a kind for its particular construction. It has two single tails, on each side that fall on the front of the fur and give movement to the piece when walking. The sleeves – like the collar, are high and provide complete coverage of the arms and neck. The back, on the other hand, has an A-shaped opening that starts from the middle of the back and ends in the tails. Basically, this fur consists of two large skins that join in the area of ​​the shoulder blades and cover the shoulders and neck. Absolutely one of a kind! Perfect for a young and sporty look. Absolutely a fresh and new interpretation of what a fur can be in 2020.

For those unfamiliar with Astrid Andersen, she is a London-based Danish designer who launched her brand 10 years ago, exactly in 2010. Her design is focused on sportswear and casual chic, and what she does best is basically making garments like a fur coat casual, finding a meeting point between the sporty and the luxurious universes.

It is truly a pleasure to be able to wear such interesting garments that challenge the classic interpretation of fur and allow you to enhance its meaning. Even more when they look depicts the future of this material and how this can be used to create unique moments.

fashion fur

Photos: Matteo Volta

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