Beijing in the night

Beijing Beijing Beijing… in 2014 I’ll go back a couple of times. I have many many other photos still photo to be published: it would seem that my journey was endless but this is because we did a lot of things.

I participated in many events: Fashion Week, in various fairs and exhibitions, I visited a Greek fur shop that I care for very much, in the Peninsula Hotel, and much more.

I am sharing with you photos of a night at the Beijing Exhibition of Young Talents at the D-parck area of artists, where the Fashion Week was held in Beijing, and a few photos of rather “interesting” Chinese food.

The photos were taken by Davide Micciulla <3


Lady Fur is wearing: Python Jacket python Vladimiro Gioia, Glasses Miu Miu, Bag Sailor Moon and the most important item Lady Fur fox skirt

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