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I love my blog Welovefur. I created it from scratch three years ago, and today it is the point of reference for many fur, fashionand luxury professionals and lovers: my followers.
Welovefur is no longer my personal blog. On one hand l am happy with how it is evolving, I can’t believe how much I have worked and for how many companies: in the last two months I have been to Copenhagen, Doha, New York, Shanghai, Athens and tomorrow I return to Shanghai. My calendar of projects is growing and growing, I am HAPPY (I have worked hard sacrificing everything but slowly but surely I am getting where I wanted to be and one day I will explain my strategic plan to you, but going back to us….on the other hand l am a little sad that the blog is not so personal any more.
I loved writing those “fun” posts where I could speak about my passions, feelings etc…

This post for example is a personal post. All the others were informative where I advised how to wear a fur or buy a fur etc… or posts where I told of my beautiful experiences abroad  =) always as enthusiastic as the first time, but at the end of a tiring day when I stop and I am alone in my room I would like to be able to speak with you, tell you what I am feeling, what is happening in my private lifes, or talk to you about the real reason I opened the blog (few of you know) who knows it has understood.

The author of a psychology book I have read recently affirms that when you work a lot and you neglect yourself you lose spontaneity. I have lost it a little and I had also forgotten why I started writing on my blog. It’s true, I have to admit it: I have always been business oriented and when I saw that there were no independent blogs of the fur sector I thought it was a good idea to open one but that is absolutely not the reason. =)

I shouldn’t really write it here because I could be judged badly but the reason that pushed me to open Welovefur, Lady Fur‘s personal blog dedicated to my life in luxury with a focus on fur, was my “addiction” to the sensation you get touching a fur, wearing it, caressing it. YES I LOVE FURS, I LOVE THEM and I can’t help myself. I can’t get over it…It is said that who transforms their passion into their job ends up hating it…mmm it hasn’t happened to me, on the contrary it is developing more and more and is becoming something so big that maybe I will open a more personal blog or I will speak about my special passion for fur on this blog…let me think about it. =)=) I am afraid of being judged. This is my biggest doubt.






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The first video dedicated to my “special passion” for fur got 40k views in one week, today my You Tube channel has more than one million views and 59 videos.

Most of the videos were made in collaboration with brands of the luxury sector and many others that are not on my channel with fashion magazines. The first video instead is personal and you remember it.I have done some posts about my special passion for fur, click here to see one.

Good Night

your Lady Fur

in these photos I’m in Copenhagen

Bag: Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur




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