See You, Hug You, Kiss You

prada fur coat samantha de reviziis
Samantha in Prada

See You, Hug You, Kiss You: Lockdown in Prada Fur my message

This is a collection of twelve photos taken wearing my favourite Prada fur coat, a sapphire mink, intended to deliver a message of hope for the end of the lockdown. On my face is written, “See You, Hug You, Kiss You” which are the three things I miss the most as a result of the coronavirus restrictions. I chose to shoot with my favourite Prada sapphire fur because it compliments the colour of my eyes and my skin.

I hope you like the photos.

Photographer: Matteo Volta – Hair: Gaja Curletto – Makeup: Samantha Savonarola for Franco Curletto Milano Fur Coat: Prada

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