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claudio palmiotti furs milano
Samantha wearing Claudio Palmiotti Fur in Milan

I am dedicating this collection of 30 photos to Claudio Palmiotti Furs

If you are looking for furs in Milan, then I highly recommend you visit his showroom. It is one of my favourites!

The value for money is excellent and there are all kinds of available, both for young women like me, as well as for older women who want to feel young and fresh.

Claudio Palmiotti Fur makes made-to-measure accessories and outerwear but Claudio also creates furniture and homewares, such as pillows and blankets (the last time I was in his showroom I saw a fur hammock created one of his top clients).

Tempted to check it out?

Claudio Palmiotti’s showroom is located at this address: Via Negroli, 24 20133 Milano Tel. +39 02 714409 – Fax +39 02 730896 Email:

About Claudio Palmiotti

I first met Claudio at the beginning of my career, around 12 years ago. He introduced himself as a simple supplier of patchwork for fashion and fur brands.

I later found out that he was one of the pioneers of using fur Patchwork boards in the fashion industry.

Both fashion and furrieries once considered those small pieces of fur (scraps) assembled all together as unusable.

Claudio has managed to get them used by many fashion and fur brands.

His Patchwork canvases have given life to the garments of the most famous fashion brands in the world. In the fashion and fur industry, everyone knows who Palmiotti is: He has the canvases.

Claudio and I used to meet at all the industry trade shows, and even at fashion events.

Ultimately, his experience in the fashion industry and his incredible creativity led him to contract manufacturing and the creation of his own collection.

Claudio Palmiotti Furs works with leathers of all types.

He works with large and small brands and meets the needs of both young girls and women. He creates cutting edge custom garments that are truly incredible.

The world of the web is not his passion, so his website and the Instagram page simply don’t reflect what an incredible artist he is, but this is a man whose talent is unrivaled, and whose sacrifices have led him to great success. For this reason, I am dedicating this collection of images to Claudio, in the hope he can use them to launch his Instagram account and show the world just what he can do.

Claudio Palmiotti Furs Shooting

Photographer: Matteo Volta – Hair: Gaja Curletto – Makeup: Samantha Savonarola for Franco Curletto Milano

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