Where to buy mink coat in Milan

Mink coat in Milan

Where can you buy mink coat in Milan? Online? It all depends on your style and your budget.

Finally the fur world is waking up to the web. Middle range fur online shops are popping up. You can find a mink coat even at one / two thousand euros (but of course it will be low range ) in fact I advise you to be wary of who sells mink at this price because it means that the skins are really low quality. Luxury fur will always be sold off line. Whoever wishes to have a fur tailor made should go and inspect the fur, have a long chat with the seller and tailor, have their measurements taken and spend up to a day in the “fur salon”. It is  a real investment and I think it’s important to have direct contact with the seller.

But let’s see below five different types of fur brands and shop in Milan.


Website: link for the most beautiful furrier in Milan 

The brand Manzoni24 can be found in the prestigious street that bears the same name Via Manzoni 24 in Milan. Inside the store you will find fur garments mainly in mink and fox mixed with cachemire Loro Piana, very lightweight and minimal cuts where Italian style and elegance reign sovreign.

Manzoni24 furs are elegant but modern. Innovative but not too “fashion trendy”. They are for those women that love classic but fashionable garments, elegant and luxurious but never egocentric.

I am publishing below a photo with one of my favourite fur coat that i bought to go to the Dior Autumn Winter Inverno 18-19 in Paris. Look here a post about Manzoni 24

fur jacket fashion

  • Annabella also sells furs online  (if you have a small budget)

Visiting the site you can find, as well as the classic traditional cut mink furs, also trendy coloured furs accompanied by high fashion accessories. The site can offer, upon request of the client, support in choosing the most suitable fur.

  • Paolo Moretti (medium budget ) has the domain fur.it (I would have liked to have it)

Paolo Moretti‘s new fur collections boast an epic renewal in style and colour.

Furs like mink coat, fox or sable unite to create new lines that enhance the female body and accentuate the curves. For this purpose both shaved and voluminous skins are used.

Creativity and experimenting techniqies are the characteristic of the furrier Moretti of Milan that always respects the typical Italian style.

  • Volza (SUPER LUXURY) or rather EXTREME LXURY  the site is as beautiful as the collection. (I love VOLZA) 

The Volza atelier was founded in Milan and is inspired by the best Italian fur manufacturing traditions.

The Volza atelier uses the best skins in the world for its garments, from Danish chincilla to Barguzinsky sable, from lynx to grey or silver fox, trusting prestigious brands like Kopenahgen Fur, Fur Harvesters, SOBOL, Nafa, Blackglama, Swakara.

It’s not by chance that they can boast the conferral in 2013 of the only mutation in the world of the Danish mink Moon Dust. Naturally every stage of the work, from tanning to produaction is strictly Made in Italy.

mink coat milan volza
Volta fashion campaign
  • Simonetta Ravizza is Annabella’s highest line (but is not super luxury)

In their Milan Via Montenapoleone shop, you will find the new collection of Simonetta Ravizza mink coat.

And not only: you will in fact also find fur trousers, jackets or coats as well as hats and luxury accessories.

  • Vladimiro Gioia at the Excelsior and Gio Moretti

Vladimiro Gioia is a high fashion brand: his furs are very particular,intarsia, full of materilas like crocodile, skins matched with mink, chincilla, fox and other very high quality skins. Vladimiro Gioia for me is the new Fendi. I suggest you check out his site and see all the posts done with Vladimiro’s furs in the last months.

vladimiro gioia 2015 mink coat
Vladimiro Gioia

If you go to Via Montenapoleone and via della Spiga you will send shops of big brands Fendi, Marni, Chanel, Prada, Miumiu, Philp Plein, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and others with very fashionable furs.

If you want advice on where to buy a mink fur in Milan, follow my blog or contact me directly. I will be happy to give you all the necessary indications.

If you like my style follow this category rich of photos of furs 

Claudio Paliotti Furs

claudio palmiotti mink fur milan

Claudio Palmiotti’s showroom is located at this address: Via Negroli, 24 20133 Milano Tel. +39 02 714409 – Fax +39 02 730896 here is the post about his furs 

Lady Fur

fur blogger lady fur

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