Prada fur: A Manifesto

prada fur a manifesto again feminicide

Prada Spring/Summer 2014: A Manifesto of denunciation against feminicide

The fur coat you see in the photos is part of the Prada ready-to-wear 2014 collection, which made a strong denunciation of violence against women. The fur is made of Danish mink, and the face depicted on the piece is not printed, but inlaid. This piece is an example of great craftsmanship and was strictly made in Italy.

Miuccia Prada wanted her S/S 2014 collection to be a manifesto of denunciation against crimes, especially violence, that affect women: particularly feminicide and discrimination. She gathered artists from around the world, and they drew giant faces of women on the walls of the venue where the show took place.

“I asked these artists to draw women. They made giant faces. When I saw them, they were so beautiful that I decided to put them on clothes. Don’t mistake, however, my fashion for art or politics. Obviously, I want to focus attention on women’s issues, including feminicide. But let me be clear: I don’t want to do a political thing, because I chose not to express myself politically. Rather, I want to speak through what I know how to do: clothes. And I want them to tell of the strength of women, of their combativeness, of their desire, of the need to always break down barriers. Obviously, you can’t make a revolution with a dress: I know that very well. But dressing can and must become a mental attitude”.

Miuccia Prada

The Impact on Miuccia Prada

Miuccia Prada liked the effect the collection created so much that she decided to bring those female faces and place them on her clothes, notably the furs and mink skirts. Below are some photos of the collection with mink skirts and inlaid furs.

prda fur coar prada fur free

Prada Became Fur Free in 2019

Unfortunately, in 2019 Prada made the decision to stop using real fur in their collections, with the exception of rabbit and sheepskin. This choice is definitely not related to sustainability, as most of the pieces in Prada’s latest collections were made from synthetic materials, such as nylon. Nylon will remain on our planet forever, intoxicating people, animals and the earth itself, as it does not biodegrade. By contrast, furs are biodegradable, therefore no one has to think about how to dispose of them.

prada fur miuccia prada Prada Spring/Summer 2014

Photographer: Matteo Volta – Hair: Gaja Curletto – Makeup: Samantha Savonarola for Franco Curletto Milano

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