Read this post carefully: you will find the solution to feel more beautiful, attractive, confident. “Mink Lashes Blink Mink

Dears, furs lovers (in particular)

I have always strongly believed that the first thing that strikes you in a person is their gaze: eyes are the mirror of the soul and are the most subtle and beguiling weapon, capable of competing with and beat even breasts and …derriere.

The gaze is fundamental in a woman not only when she meets a boy and wants to win him over but also on the occasion of dates and job interviews or more simply a dinner with girl friends…

Eyes rarely lie, are deep and attractive, but need, at times, a little help.

And so fake eyelashes suddenly appear on the market, but they are made of plastic, heavy, annoying, make you look doll like, weigh the eye down and even fall off at the most inappropriate times!!!!!

Now however, the solution has arrived: ‘Blink minkmink lashes, natural, light, easy to use.

I have tried them and now I can’t be without them.

Click here to see the site – http.www.blinkminklashes.com/cart

I’m not over keen on makeup especially during the day. I think that for a  women, to be attractive, a dusting of blusher and a touch of mascara. But since using Blink Mink fake eyelashes, my eyes have gained a magnetism that attracts looks but only from guys but also women, arousing obvious admiration in the former and jealousy in the latter.

And compliments are wasted. But my eyes are always the same, only enhanced and brought out by these marvellous light and secure lashes.

For a gala evening I wear those with Swarovskis set in the soft fur  keeping Natural Gems in reserve for the meeting of my life, ornated with real precious stones like white and yellow diamonds, or rubies, sapphires or emeralds. You can keep them on for 24 hours, they aren’t heavy, they are excellent quality, hand made and reusable: you can rinse them, put them back in their box and they are ready for the next use!

What are you waiting for? Go to the websitewww.blinkminklashes.com and buy them!

Ah, I nearly forgot. Soon I will upload my photos with these fabulous lashes. Don’t stop following me, see you soon.


With Love Lady Fur

Swarosky lashes Blink Mink
Natural Games lashes Blink Mink







Traditional Sweet Lashes Blink Mink
Traditional lashes Blink Mink




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