Lady Fur attacked by “animalist”

Lady Fur attacked by “animalist” . Does it seem right? I work in a fur trade world , I’m a fashion fur blogger and fashion designer specialized in this magic fur world.

Everyday I receive  emails  of death threats from people claim  to be “animalist” but in reality  aren’t .

Does it seems right?

These individuals eat hamburgers ,chicken, fish, and wear shoes , belts in leather or wash their hair with shampoo tested on animals or cure themselves with drugs tested on animals. Everything fortunately or unfortunately is tested on animals.

This is life. But what these individuals don’t know is that the animals for furriers grow up  inside clean farms, eating food rich with protein and vitamins that  consent them to grew up healthily and beautiful with a shinye  fur that  will increase market value .

With regard to the  suppression , this doesn’t happen in hard way  ( damaging  the same fur ) but the animals die in 45 seconds  without feeling pain.

Then they will be  skinned and the body  PLEASE  PAY THE EXTREME  ATTENTION TO THIS PARTICULAR ) is utilized for animal food ( dogs, cats, hourses …)

In summary . These are the three most important things : Animals groew up inside farms – don’t feel pain when they die , nothing of their body is wasted.

Every video that you continually  send to me , about animals suffering from blooding ARE FAKE , CAN’T in any way have anything to do with the fur world and there is an elementary and logical explanation for this : if an animal suffers the fur rises  and becomes  hard, loses  the market value and not only , if an animal is  quartered alive  the skin will  suffer irreparable harm and could not be used.

In Europe and America these things don’t happen .

In China I don’t know.

Lastly I would like to address who continually to sent me e-mail of death threats , wishing me worst things .

Regardless of ignorance and  the bad manners I would  make a point about hypocrisy : How many of you eat fish, beef, eggs ? One question doesn’t come naturally ? What kind of life can a hen farm have  , obliged  to grow up in the dark and super gorged in the way to ensure production of greatest of  number of eggs ?

And you what do you wear ? Nothing  no bags and shoes ? Everybody with barefoot?

Certainly i stress is ruining  you and you are putting all your repressed anger on me and on my blog

But get a life and leave me in peace.!!

I would not  want to  have to go to court or appeal to the police, basically I AM a pacifist.

Lady Fur




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  • It is vile that people would send death theats and vile messages to somebody, if you want to express your opinion then fine, but dont become threatening. I am pro fur but i dont go sending threatening messages to anit fur supporters do i.
    I do find it funny that people are quite prepared to eat fish, meat wear leather but claim that wearing fur is cruel, double standards or what!!
    COws, sheep, chinchillas, minks are as stated all given a good quality of life, without being bred for their pelts/meat then they would have no life at all would they?
    I do not propose to change anti fur supporters by this statement but aim to educate them that sending vile threats will not change my view point

  • Samantha, non immaginavo, massima solidarietà e rispetto alla tua persona e professione, l’ignoranza e l’ipocrisia generano questi atteggiamenti, persone che si indignano per un visone di allevamento ma indossano scarpe in capretto, inquinano con le macchine, non fanno la differenziata o lavorano in aziende che inquinano da matti, forse un capretto ha meno diritti di un visone? l’importante è non usare pelli illegali, coraggio Samantha

  • I never get it with animalist, they say they fight against cruelty and violence but in the MOST violent and cruel way, I was once asked to skin my mother and father to make a rug… I findt it so absurd, if only they did a bit more research to find anti fur groups like peta actually kill rescued cats and dogs as soon as they get into their truck because they have noone to give them to. The only video they have depicting animals being skined alive comes from China, everybody knows that China is a country with no gender equality, with one of the biggest death penalty rates in the world and ridiculous labour conditions, do one really expect them to treat animals in humane ways when they dont seem to care much for themselves???, it is as easy as to check the origin of the fur you want to get by looking at the label to find wheter the fur of the garment comes from a country where animal welfare laws are in force…

  • These animal rights’ people are nothing but curs! They are life at it’s lowest, and should be regarded as such.
    I hope you are able to ignore their rantings, and have a happy and productive life as you see fit to live it.
    Your postings are wonderful here, and give out much good information to those of us who appreciate it. Thank you for your efforts, and may you be strong enough to ride over these idiots!
    Warren White

  • Hello! We just read your post here and we are very sorry to hear that you have been attacked by those animal rights activists… On our Facebook-Page, we get those people now and then as well… We just wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job! Your website here is amazing and your posts are always very honest and genuine – just like this one here 🙂 It is great to see young, fashionable girls like you having the courage to promote what they believe in… Keep up the good work!!! 🙂

  • Well, I will give you my opinion about that (not about how ridiculous they are, you already wrote it well).
    Who are the usual targets of this kind of association ? Celebs. Random celebs wearing fur. It’s a totally despicable and unfair way to process, but this is how they do.
    But this also means, that if you become focused, you’re becoming a celeb too. This means that your blog works very well dear Lady Fur ! I mean, if your blog didn’t work, they wouldn’t even care about you. But it works.
    I am sure that you knew that anti-furs would send you stupid mails, and I would even say, that it would be a problem if they didn’t, meaning your blog is useless. Not the case.
    Did you ask yourself why they do it ? I have an idea about that : you’re just humanizing the fur industry. With your blog, the fur industry (I don’t speak about fur fashion, becoming bigger and “younger”) is no more owned by old furriers or farmers, but by a young, pretty and passionate lady. This means A LOT. And you don’t hesitate to show pictures of you. This also means that fur industry has a new face, young and beautiful, full of a great future.
    It’s so easy nowadays to claim “animal lover”, but very harder to claim to have a fur passion, even if both are respectable. That’s why I really have a lot of respect for your, your mind, and your great work. I really hope things will go better for you, or, at least, that you will be able to deal with it.
    I wish you the best for the future Sam !!

  • I have a suggestion for you, when someone emails you a death threat or other stupid hateful things, as them when they will be protesting their local biker gang, single those guys own a TON of leather, so they MUST be just as “bad” as you are for wearing “animal products” right?

    Why is it I have never seen PeTA protesting outside of a biker gang hang out? Something tells me that if these same COWARDS that email you death threats, would send those same threats to the guys in the picture above, those gentlemen would not be near as nice as you are being about it.

    Now excuse me, I have a juicy steak that I need to go eat.

  • Samantha, do not lose heart. Furs are here to stay. Interesting statistics about the fur trade is that the total annual number of animals killed for their fur equals one third the amount of animals killed for meat in ONE DAY, worldwide ! Many countries are known for their barbaric treatment of ‘food’ animals. This treatment is far worse than is supposedly used on fur bearing animals. Peta stands by and does nothing and prefers to go for soft targets being women you love, appreciate and wear fur. I do not condemn the fur industry in China and I am sure there can be areas for improvement, however, the same old footage showing animals being skinned alive is past its sell-by date. These events, in my opinion, have been staged in order to part gullable westerners from their hard-earned money in order for the animal rights organisations to live the easy life under the pretence of caring about animals. On the other hand, animal welfare organisations do care and make a positive contribution.
    Keep up the good work and continue to love fur !

  • I know such situations very well, as I am wearing fur every time it is cold, or druing full winter time….. Esp. full length red fox coats, and I was also attacked by such people in words… But they don’t have real good arguments, as you said: the animals are treated well and then fur is valuable…..
    I saw a mink farm and a fox farm in norten countries , and the animals live there very good. Fur is the xclusivly gift from nature and I treat it with respect and proud, and these are the reason why I love fur so much…. And this attidtude I live every day and then you can inspire people around… The fir of fur-wearing is inside me, and kep me also warm as sable or fox or mink
    Do not mind what the grey-mass is thinking and saying… the strong attidute differs you from the rest.

    all the best


  • I hope that everyone does research on PETA. Most of what they do is hypocritical, but they also film
    Factory Farms and promote vegetarianism. I’m not a PETA fan.
    As for violent people, threats ect you need to report them. Anyone who truly believes in Animal Rights does not threaten other animals, including humans. They could be right as the day is bright, but if your life is threatened because of your beliefs its not ok.
    I do not believe in fur though read your blog and have found many missing facts. I was hoping you would add in some of the truths not just sugar coat it. I guess that’s not possible due to your stance on fur, but I could share many links and information with you, if you chose to email me.
    If you indeed want humane and correctly marked pelts (origin) you should also be taking a stance on it. Humane production and less chemicals could change many people’s outlook.
    Happy Blogging

  • This kind of thing angers me to read because everyone has their own right to wear and blog whatever they enjoy and like. If wearing fur was wrong, then it would be illegal and guess what…its not !! So wear it every day you can and love it !!

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