VIDEO : A day with Carlo Ramello

Here is the long awaited fur  video.
I created this video with Carlo Ramello because many people don’t know the work that goes into creating a fur garment.
Many of my friends don’t understand when I say I work in a laboratory  and I am a fur stylist.
Or others don’t even imagine that Carlo Ramello creates and produces everything in Italy. Because many others produce in China and so now that also those who produce in Italia are labelled wrongly.
I spent a week in Carlo Ramello’s laboratory and we created the video: it was a fantastic experience because it’s like going into a big family of craftsmen and entrepreneurs where passion for one’s own work reigns.
I hope that with this video people will now understand why furs cost so much.
It’s not like making a skirt or a dress: you take the material and make the model, the cloth and it’s done. Making a fur garment means, buying the fur, curing it, taking it to the cutters, nailing it down, making the model, joining, the cloth, the lining ( choosing the colours of the furs so that are all the same ).
Finding colours that go with the tones of these coats is not easy.
And this is just a small part of what happens inside a furrier’s laboratory.
Because if we started to talk about all the processing that can be done ( to lighten, lengthen, shorten a hide ) we could be here all night!
As I always say, leather is an extremely adaptable material that allows you to express your creativity to its best.
In the next posts I will talk to you about the processings that were  presented by SAGA at Mifur.
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