Mifur and not only .Colors and Fur Fall Winter 2012 2012

Leather and furs everywhere and of every type!
Sable, mink, marmot, fox, chinchilla in all shapes and styles!
MIFUR this year was such fun 🙂
But coming back to colours, as well as the natural ones that will never go out of fashion next year we will find endless pastel colours pale yellow, cream, cotton candy pink, sky blue, prune and ice with some hints of contrast such as orange and green.
Fortunately, compared to last year, there was a lack of Mongolian ( thank goodness, because I’m not crazy about it ). Loads of silvered and silvery fox, Persian, sable and, as always, mink.
Amongst the novelties this year Kidassia, used in very varied ways: I think the method of overlapping used by June  Manuel Cova  deserves particular attention: look at her mink garment in the photos below.
Between one skin and another, worked horizontally you will find Kidassia inlays.( personally I adore both the combination of ice colours and this mix of skins.). But I will deal with June  and her collection later.
Mulberry’s concept was totally different using Kidassia whole creating long skirts and waistcoats.
In the next posts, I will summarize the shows and trends of New York and Paris: leather had a leading role here too, and fur was no less a star.
With Love Lady Fur
Manuel Cova Jun


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