Hotel Kastoria

Hotel Kastoria find my personal experience in Greece in the fur city

Dear fur lovers I decided to dedicate a whole post to the Hotel Kastoria which hosted me for six days: from 4 to 10 April. I have never done a post dedicated to the Hotel (although in recent months around the world I’ve seen many  4-5 and more stars) but in this case I’m doing it because I’m really in love and cannot wait to go back.

Hotel Kastoria: my experience

The Kastoria Hotel is located by the lake. From my room on the first floor lakeview I could enjoy a breathtaking spectacle.

The next morning I woke up early and went running about forty minutes around the lake through the city center. Yeah, I was running because I knew then, at breakfast, I would eat it all.

Hotel Kastoria: breakfast

The breakfast of Hotel Kastoria IS DELICIOUS especially the yogurt that is super genuine and the taste is  indescribable (I actually ate it with the addition of honey or jam).

Unfortunately, being pathologically greedy I did not stop eating yogurt but also had a sweet, a speciality of Kastoria which vaguely ressembles a freshly baked cake, delicious that only describing it leaves me back wanting more.

I love to have breakfast with sweets but, at the Hotel Kastoria, those who love the savoury can enjoy Greek olives with feta and other local specialties these also fresh.

And after breakfast instead of going directly to the fair I worked  a bit ‘from the hotel bar, a bar that is very popular in Kastoria: THE CAFE’ MILANO. Cafè Milano because the owners who are fluent in Italian import coffee just from Milan.

This venue has a gazebo on the lake with climbing plants rich in flowers, which is why in the morning, in good weather I stopped there for a couple of hours to work on the computer using the beautiful ideal location for meetings and shooting.

If you want to follow the Facebook page of the Hotel Kastoria click here. You will find lots of useful informations if you want to go to Kastoria on vacation or on business.

The Hotel Kastoria owners are REAL  entrepreneurs.

Not only involved in managing the hotel with love and passion but also producers of OIL and WINE, FUR and they go fishing because the lake of Kastoria is so full of fish that you can even admire their jumping out of the water. Not only, they go to collect MUSHROOMS and also CHERRIES.

I love mushrooms and it was a pity that I missed the cherry season by a few days. They are giant and are used to make delicious jams.

Needless to say, the Hotel Kastoria has super fast Wi-Fi because as you know I don’t move without internet. =) =)

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