Manzoni 24 is ‘accessible luxury’

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Manzoni 24 is ‘accessible luxury’ as the brand defines itself.

An historic Italian fur brand that has been collaborating with the big names in Italian fashion for over 30 years bringing the glamor of this material to the catwalks. With the same enthusiasm, it creates clothing for every day, complementary to his splendid fur pieces. Soft and casual garments that can become part of everyone’s wardrobe without problems thanks to their versatility and neutral tones. If you want to take a look and see up close the wonderful clothes of this brand, you can find them in the flagship shop located in via Manzoni 24 in Milan, a few steps from the underground stop ‘Montenapoleone’.

I had the pleasure of wearing two looks from Manzoni 24, respectively one in Paris and one in Milan.

The look I wore in Milan was the day I went to the Prada fashion show during men’s fashion week. It is a white and mustard coloured oblique striped turtleneck, and a soft trouser in a delicate cream colour both in a superb and warm cashmere. The coat I was wearing above, has a mink collar and takes up the same colours as the turtleneck below. It is made in a pattern so called ‘houndstooth’ or in its original language ‘pied de poule’ which means ‘hen’s foot’ – because of its design that vaguely recalls the shape of the animal’s paw.

What I find captivating about this look, is the playfulness with which these two garments match each other. The two different patterns blend harmoniously in a game of shapes that does not weigh down the look but on the contrary makes it fresh and nice at the look without falling into the ironic or childish.


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The second look, instead, is a light blue pure cashmere two pieces with a mink vest on top of it in the same shade, completed with a 100% cashmere coat in the same colour. I personally believe this shade of blue is perfect and appropriate for any age. From the young girl to the most agée lady, this colour fits anyone wonderfully. It is the perfect match between serious and playful, it is not a demanding colour and like all pastel colours it can be used in a monochromatic way – as in my case, or easily coupled with other soft colour to create a perfect look to wear all day long with ease. I wore this look on the occasion of the Haute Couture week in Paris, where the wind and cold weather were not missing. If you think about how a day unfolds during any fashion week, it is basically a constant run from one place to another, from show to meeting to presentation, and fortunately for me being dressed in appropriate materials for the winter weather conditions, especially in Paris, was the perfect protection to keep warm all day long.manzoni 24 furmanzoni 24 Photos: Matteo Volta

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