my message

I am an independent voice in the world of fashion and the sustainability industry.

Sustainability and independence are the key words of my site. They sit at the heart of everything I do.

I believe the circulation of free information is a right.

My blog does not benefit from sponsorship by any industry associations, and is not a member of any of them. This is an important, because it allows me to tell the truth about our industry. I can be honest and impartial with you. With all my readers.

We all know that many associations and magazines are often manipulated by big clients who act as sponsors. They rely on their sponsorship to run their businesses. With so much pride, I can tell you this is not true for me. What you will read on my blog is the pure truth.

I believe that telling the truth is right.

Being informed of the facts in the right way is a right.

The correct information serves to protect the brands to which I give advice. It is also my aim to protect you, the many readers who read the blog, and who I count as my friends.

Since 2017 I have committed myself to my blog, newsletters, the workshops that I hold on sustainability in universities and fashion houses and through consultancy to clarify the sector in which I have specialized above all in eco-sustainability.

From today, through my blog, I commit to tell you the truth.

I undertake to do what other institutions or pro-furtive associations can not do because they are biased. And those who are against the sector can not do because they are have their own agendas.

I’m not biased.

I’m just interested in giving you the right information that you are entitled to by right.

You can read more about me in my ‘About’ section here.