A man in fur: sexy or ‘strange’?

Men in fur are sexy, do you like them or do you find them lacking?
Welovefur in these days is having a restyle both in terms of interface and content.
The most important news is that there will be a space dedicated to men, style tips on how to wear leather and fur during those important events. A section, entirely dedicated to this theme, edited by Dario Sguazzini, my best friend that you see in the photo.
In Italy it’s rare to see men in furs but abroad, particularly in northern countries such as Russia and Canada but also in North Europe like Norway and Denmark there are loads.
In the last few years men’s fur has made a comeback in the fashion system, requests have become increasingly consistent and have even aroused the interest of a young London designer whom I spoke about in some previous posts.
I think that a man with a mink fur, a silvered fix waistcoat or a bomber in astrakhan can only be considered extremely elegant and captivating.
Preferring a fur garment is not only an improvement in style choice, it’s a life style choice.
Miao Miao Lady Fur
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  • Yes, yes, there will be those who will be heavily opinionated about men wearing fur, but I will wear what I like and not be pressured by societal norms, or a follower of other peoples convictions. Wearing my fur coats or jackets trimed in fur makes winter my favorite season. Thanks Dario! We men are attention deprived.

  • Men wearing fur is a little bit tricky because if you’re a straight man you like soft things like a woman. Put a man in a soft thing like a fur coat and there’s a unintended conflict. You might think this would not be a problem if you are a gay man but often gay men are looking for a strong male figure to affirm their own sense of masculinity, so the conflict remains. We want our men to be hard and chiseled not soft and fluffy. So a man who wears fur successfully projects a sense of confidence or affluence that counter balances the soft and fluffy and projects the hard and chiseled from with in, or with a hard chiseled body that creates a nice counterpoint visually to the fur. Just a thought to get the discussion going.

  • It seems there is an increasing awareness, that furs are not only for women. Beside fur fetishism, it is quite hard to find suitable furs that can be worn by men. I agree that mink is one of the furs, that can be worn by men with all kind of dress – jeans or business dress. Further furs fo men are wolf and coyote, which can be considered as “trapper furs” and have a masculine look.

  • Hey there buddies! I will soon come up with new posts. In the meanwhile I’d like to congratulate with my very best friend Lady Fur for the great recent achievements!!!

  • I am wearing furs as man since 1996, they are custom made coats of fox or mink. Till now i receive good Feedback from mens or womens. The style and attitude is very important and the location, mink jacket for City walk and the long crystal fox for Salzburg or kitzbuhl.

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