First day in Chicago

I met Richard Swartz owner of “Manos Swartz” the oldest fur brand in America!

He is one of those people who “make the difference”.  Extremely cultured, brilliant, he spent two hours of his PRECIOUS  time to tell me about the past, present and future of fur sector. I love people like him, so open-minded and attentive to young people.

Nothing he said was given or predicatable and his way of explaining was so passionate that I could have listened to her for Hours and Hours.

This meeting enriched me A LOT. =)

He also advised me to read a book: “Astor & Empire“, the story of John Jacob Astor Fur trader who in 1808 founded the American Fur Company. Three Year later he founded the city of Astoria and with the enormous fortune he had accumulated started to undersign government loans with the United States. Later he retired to Manhattan to dedicate himself to the real estate and patronage.

At the time of his death Astor was considered the richest man in America with an estimated patrimony of 20 million dollars.

Back at the hotel I immediately bought the book on Ibook with my Iphone and I couldn’t resist starting reading.

As soon as I have finished it I promise I Will review it for you. 🙂

My meeting with Richard Swartz owner of  “Mano Swartz” the oldest Fur brand in America was incredible.

I Will also write a post dedicated to the story of Mano Swartz: he did some amazing things. In the mean time, if you want more information you can read it in his site :

Chiacago Day one : 25 April 2015

As you know I normally travel with my team. This time I left alone. But I had never been alone Before.:) Arrived in  Chicago, I met the photographer Gina Garbero I am collaborating with.

I went to See Iloe Show being set up and I said hello to Dimitris of KN Furs, Filippidis and many Other Greek and American exhibitors.

I LOVE MY WORK , I LOVE MY SECTOR. I am writing it in capital lettera because it’s like I was screaming=)=) I love Fur fairs and I adore following the exhibitors around the world. =)

Tomorrow I will share Chicago day 2 with many photos of Iloe Show <3

In the photos I am wearing a fox vest by Vladimiro Gioia. A Leather skirt Made in Italy by Alessadra deTomaso, Shoes H. Williams.

Photo : Gina Garbero 

PP: Umberto Gorra 


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