Haibao China Dear Followers as you know for one year I have been sharing my experiences on Haibao.com a really influential Chinese fashion magazine.

Thanks to this collaboration with Haibao my blog and Chinese social networks are growing day after day. 🙂

In Shanghai I had the pleasure to meet Dream Fang and Vincy Jiang  Marketing manager of Haibao.com.

We talked also about how to improve my collaboration on Haibao =) And soon I will share with you some new Haibao posts.

I really love the web because it allows you to do what you really like and if you work with consistance and determination the web opens many many doors for you.

When I created welovefur.com web site that shared my life in the fur sector first thing that I wanted to do was to invest in SEO and Google adwords, promote my post on Facebook but the problem was that I didn’t have any budget to do it. I had a really good strategy but I didn’t have any money to invest in anything.

I was so sad, because even if my blog is the only one present on the web about fur, it’s really hard to position it if you don’t invest a little bit in SEO.

My blog is international. And my goal was to get international followers.

Well I decided as first step to get visibility without investing in SEO to create good contents and photos and propose them to international fashion magazines with the goal to reach the attention of magazines followers.

It was a long process but finally today I share my contents on many international fashion magazine such as HAIBAO, ELLE.IT, GRAZIA AND SPLETNIK RUSSIA.

Haibao is a really important magazine and counts millions of followers.

Thanks to this collaboration step by step I’m growing also on Sina Weibo, QQ and we chat.

Thanks to Haibao Vincy and Dream from Haibao for supporting me until today=)

Love you <3 <3 <3

Lady Fur

Wearing Vladimiro Gioia Jacket

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