Kick day 2

I am imagining some of you…in this exact moment. Don’t deny it: you are saving the photos I just posted of this Kick top with fox and mink on to your MAC or PC.

You are analyzing and inserting them in some mood board for your next collections. -.-

To go around the beautiful city of Copenhagen, I chose a COMFORTABLE look: top worked in mink, fox and wool… (a real work of art), rubber boots bordered with mink and ear warmers, all coming from Kick Kopenhagen Fur.



Wearing their pieces is something more than wearing a high fashion garment from some important Maison. Without taking anything away from the big brands, garments coming from Kick are unique models, created to illustrate a particular new process studied and planned for that single garment: in just two words PURE LUXURY.

It is luxurious to be able to wear one of their garments, but above all, to be the only one to own it. Luxury is to be able to see and touch with your own hands. Luxury is to be able to learn and acquire a new technique.

I am referring to the designers reading this, who are 20% of my followers: certainly you will know how to appreciate and love this top because, more than anyone, you will be able to understand what I am talking about.


copenhagen_boots_with_fur _MG_3690





Back to work!

Miao Miao

Lady Fur

Top, Boots, & Ear Warmers: Kick Kopenhagen Fur

Photos: Mattia Guolo

Makeup: Lea Sonne


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