Manoush a brand of which I’m very fond

During Paris fashion week  I went to the HQ of  Manoush, a brand of which I’m very fond. This brand is in the most important post of my blog: in the first video done for Kopenhagen Fur, in the post dedicated to my first Press Day and in many others. At the end of the meeting with the Manoush team they give me as a present the beautiful pink dress that you see in the photos.=)

Some news about Manoush

My discovery of Manoush happened in one of my favorite shops in Monte Carlo: Bandita,  in Boulevard des Moulin. There I bought a dress used by me in one of my first posts.(Click here to see it)

To see the full post with Manoush write “Manoush” looking in my blog.

There are so MANY. 🙂

Soon I will share the new ones

Photo Umberto Gorra

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