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What might a young fashion and fur enthusiast want for Christmas?

The Christmas wish list of Alessandro Roccia, contributor of for the section dedicated to men’s fur

One of the traditions of Christmas that I love the most, besides the decorated tree and cinnamon cookies, is the moment in which everyone writes his letter to be sent to Santa, or rather, dreams and creates his own wish list.

Here, then, are some small ideas to make your own winter super warm and super trendy, where the real stars are the furs: an example are those precious raccoon furs and rabbit furs kept inside the parka signed Mr & Mrs Fur, which in my opinion is a real fetish of the male wardrobe and heads an immense trend.

But I  love matching to the classical style objects, or accessories that are better able to play it down, such as the cute monsters with Fendi fur details fox: the Bag Bugs.

If then, you also have the opportunity to spend a few days of Christmas holiday in the mountains, the beautiful shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti proposals cannot be missing from your wishlit, always in fox fur, to warm up after a cold skiing or for a walk in the city.

To complete any look, whether elegant or sporty-casual, I always love a man to wear a hat, Borsalino model, like that beautiful Felt proposed by Costume National.

Here is some helpful advice on where to find my Christmas wish.

1. parka lined in fur raccoon and rabbit, Mr & MrsFur (buy it here and here).

2. Backpack Bugs with detail furry and exotic applications (Autumn / Winter 2014/15), Fendi (buy it here).

3. Charm Bugbags leather and fox, Fendi (buy it here)

4. Shoe sneakers with buckles and fur, Giuseppe Zanotti (buy it here).

5. classic fedora hat Felt, Costume National (buy it here).

Detail of the Fendi fashion show (f / w 2014/15)


Alessandro Roccia


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  • The fur lined coats are very awesome! I have a leather jacket that’s reversible to mink that my wife gave me, and I simply would not trade it for anything as it is the warmest and most comfortable coat I’ve ever had. I prefer to wear it with the leather outside and the fur inside. Fur lined garments are the best.

    Is it a fetish as the article suggests? Perhaps, who would not want to have something that’s warm and soft directly against them regardless if they are a man or woman? Things that are soft are soothing and pleasing to the touch, it’s been that way since we were born. As babies we were all likely given the softest blankets, stuffed animal toys, and such that our parents could afford. Young children like things that are soft. As adults we are more likely to conform to culture than anything else, so most men don’t wear fur since fur is typically seen as a woman’s garment, but the appreciation and desire of things that are warm, soft, and pleasing has not changed or left us as adults. The typical stereotype of a man wearing fur is someone who is a tough-guy athlete or a rapper. This is what needs to change if you want to see more men wearing fur.

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