Sojuzpushnina the Russian fur auction

Finally I can say that I have been to Sojuzpushnina the fur Russian auction of Saint Petersburg, famous for sable skins.

This is the auction that has made fur history. Soon I will be able to tell you about it in detail and show you the skins with video and photos.
With great pleasure I had the possibility to meet Alexey Plekhanov, Deputy Director General of Sojuzpushnina  Auction, an extremely kind and polite person whose interview I will shortly be posting.

My experience in Saint Petersburg was brief but intense. Here it is from departure to return.


Landed in Saint Petersburg I was picked up at the airport by Irina, my beautiful Russian friend that shares my work and love for fur ( we are the only two girls ) and accompanied to the hotel, the Renaissance,  situated near the cathedral of Saint Isaac, not far from the Ermitage Museum.
Saint Petersburg is a splendid city that Italian architects like Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, Carlo Rossi, Giacomo Quarenghi helped to construct.

After changing clothes  we went to a typical Russian restaurant the “Moskava ” on the top floor of a shopping centre where Slava, a Russian art director  who I will soon be collaborating with, was waiting for us. Click to see the photo.

We continued the evening in a bar with live music frequented by super stylish and trendy people.
Back at the hotel, at around two, tiredness and excitement kept me from falling asleep and kept me awake until dawn.


At 6.30 after breakfast I took the bus that takes all the fur brokers to the auction. It was exciting, very exciting, meeting all the Italian brokers.
Arrived at the auction I met the Deputy Director Alexey and I spent an hour in the auction room with Carlo Guida my favourite broker.

The price of mink and sable has gone: the positive side is that for us stylists this is the best moment to make collections with fur because the raw materials cost less. The value of furs goes up and down like the stock market making the work very stimulating and “unpredictable”.
From Alexey, the director, I learnt many interesting things: for example that the auction does not sell just sable but also other skins like Russian lynx, mink, badger and others that I will shortly share on the blog


The return was great, on the plane, with the group of Italian brokers like Fabio Grassi of Mib, Ghielmetti, Paoletti, Alessandro Valsecchi di Irpa, Michele Valsecchi Conceria Milanese, Rossi and others.

Soon I will go back to Saint Ptersburg. The date hasn’t been fixed yet: could be January or April… what is certain is that I will have loads of material to share with you.<3


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