Men in fur

Men’s fur told by Alessandro Roccia

Since ancient times, man has resorted to using skins and fur to protect himself from the cold, mixing together the types of material that they discarded from the meat they ate.

Then, as we say, he started to mix work with pleasure: fur garments were no longer seen as just perfect anti-cold clothes, but also as fashionable, charming and timeless.

Many people believe and usually understand “fur” to be uniquely feminine and would turn their nose up if they were asked to imagine a virile, middle aged man with a mink coat or with a voluminous overcoat in fox.

Sure, in fact men’s fur develops much more discretely and classically compared to women’s: it’s enough to think that in the last winter collections countless garments with inlays and small applications in fur were proposed, that in my opinion make them precious and add a touch of irony to garments that tend to be very classic.

But high fashion and male pret-a-porter maschile are not the only two fields where apllications, inserts and fur garments find space and appoval: many uniforms worn by illustrous figures are enriched by the use of fur ( think of the Pope’s classic ermine cape or the famous fur hat of Queen Elizabeth’s guards).

The field of men’s fur is clearly in expansion, and is attracting a more and more refined bracket of consumers, lovers of imperceptible wealth without being exhibitionist, essentially, lovers of real luxury.

Alessandro Roccia

Foto via fuckingyoung

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