Hong Kong Fur Design Competition

As I already promised you recently, here you can find the post about the Hong Kong Fur Design Competition, the contest organized every year by the Young Executive Committee (YEC) of the Hong Kong Fur Federation.

This year they offered 29 young fur talented designers competing under the theme, “Winter Princess”.

 Now take a deep breathe, close your eyes and imagine a luxurious hotel (InterContinental Hotel), a sparkling entrance, a white staircase and passing under an arch.

Here we are in a fur world, bright colors, then pale ones and then red, white and grey, contrasting with electric blue and pink. There were soft and scented fur shades that were surrounding us.

 BLACKGLAMA_LADYFURgORANAStojanovic and ladyfurlady Fur and Huang Yan Jiemichael_holm_lady_furLADY_FUR_HONG_KONG

Men, women, young people/teenagers were all wearing sophisticated furs, A DREAM. An irresistible elegance.

The trend was the asiatic style, unique and irresistible.

It was really exciting to see all the 29 competing garments, as they interplayed various advanced manufacturing techniques and also illustrated the boldness of the young fur designers.

“Since its inception, the Hong Kong Fur Design Competition has lived up to the objectives of the event – to promote the originality of fur fashion, ignite the interest in fur among local students, and nurturing new blood for the industry. And every year, our winners further take our distinctive ‘Fur by Hong Kong’ designs to the global front through taking part in international competitions,” said Mr. Andy Sin, Chairman of YEC.

Among the seven prizes, there was also “My Favorite Fur Sketch” one, voted by fans on the Hong Kong Fur Design Competition’s Facebook fan page.

Here they are the winners:

Best Sketch Award

Inspired by the beautiful foliage and branches of willow tree, this fur coat has a mink cape layer bordered with fringes and inlay pattern reminiscent of tree twigs, while the bodice layer features knitted mink with another inlay pattern.

Yeung Man Fung (Hong Kong Design Institute, Department of Fashion & Image Design).

Manufacturer: Exquisite Fashion Ltd

IMG_6081 IMG_6270

Commercial Award

Entitled ‘Black Dragon’, this black mink and Persian lamb fur dress with cheongsam collar is accented with black sequins, and topped with a fox fur cape.

Wong To Ki (Hong Kong Design Institute, Department of Fashion & Image Design)

Manufacturer: Everest Fur Fashion Co Ltd

IMG_6141 IMG_6145

Inspired by ‘Art Deco’, a kimono trimmed from Persian lamb and beaver strips interwoven in retro tweed pattern, jazzed up by silver fox fur collar and sheared mink fur sleeves, with pleated chiffon inserted under sleeves and at centre back.

Fur Combination Category

Fur Combination Category – Winner:

Chui Ka Ying (Hong Kong Design Institute, Department of Fashion & Image Design)

Manufacturer: Everest Fur Fashion Co Ltd


Fur Combination Category – 1st Runner-Up

Entitled ‘Chinese Ink’, this voguish zip-front black mink jacket is accentuated by suede leather ruffles in changing hues of blue and black.

Yip Ka Ki (Caritas Bianchi College of Careers, Department of Fashion & Textiles)

Manufacturer: Regal Fur & Fashion Co Ltd


Full Fur Category – Winner:

Sheared mink fur cape in black and white diagonal pattern, attached to sheared mink fur top in black and white panels and accesorised with metallic and crystal chains.

Designed by: Lee Ngai Yi (Hong Kong Design Institute, Department of Fashion & Image Design)

Manufacturer: Hong Kong Fur Factory Ltd

IMG_6129 IMG_6135

Full Fur Category – 1st Runner-Up:

A belted long coat with sheared black mink side panel, while centre front and sleeves are trimmed from silver fox fur arranged in snake-inspired pattern. Stand-up collar and over sleeve in puff shape add a dramatic touch, as well as extra warmth to the elegant design.

Designed by: Chong Sau Fong (Hong Kong Design Institute, Department of Fashion & Image Design)

Manufacturer: Sunlit Trading Ltd


Full Fur Category – 2nd Runner-Up:

Asymmetric sleeves coat in degradation tone of grayish black, with top bodice trimmed from mink and chinchilla pelts at the hem, combined in dramatic pattern befitted its theme, ‘Collage’.

Designed by: Tsang Kai Leung (Hong Kong Design Institute, Department of Fashion & Image Design)

Manufacturer: K C Enterprises (Int’l) Co Ltd

IMG_6045 IMG_6046

Here are additional photos:

IMG_5958 IMG_5976 IMG_6002 IMG_6052 IMG_6113 IMG_6174 IMG_6213 IMG_6231 IMG_6258

This year, the judging panel was comprised of the Consul-General of the Consulate General of Finland in the HKSAR and Macau, Ms. Annikki Arponen; Trade Commissioner of Italian Trade Commission in the HKSAR, Mrs. Paola Guida; Global Trend and Design Manager of Kopenhagen Fur, Mr. Michael Holm, Managing Director of Cyril Murkin (HK) Ltd., Mr. Timothy W. Everest, Deputy Executive Director of Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Mr. Benjamin Chau, socialites Ms. Marie Zhuge, Ms. Irene Wang, Ms. Flora Cheong-Leen and fashion designer Mr. Dorian Ho.

Fashion lovers including Ms. Elena Kong, Mr. Vincent Ng, Ms. Jessica Jann, Ms. Bonnie Sin, Ms. Anina Ho, Ms. Qinnie Chen, Ms. Rachel Lloyd, Mr. & Mrs. Brandon & Jenny Chau, Ms. Helen Rong, Mr. Charles Yang, Mrs. Lucy Yang, Mrs. Olivia Davies, Ms. Maria Wu, Ms. Betty Chong, Mrs. Patti Ho, Mrs. Deborah Hung, Ms. Yumi Honda, Ms. Judy Mann, Ms. Anita Tang, Mr. Wesley Wan, Mr. Andy Wong etc. attended the event.

What was our favourite look? I’d love to know!

Miao Miao

Lady Fur

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