Mifur 2015 The Italian night of Fur

Mifur 2015 presents: Italian Fur Fashion Night

Italian Fur Fashion Night is an event dedicated to the Italian brands of the fur  industry organized by the Italian Fur association.

On March 3, the first day of Mifur 2015 at Palazzo Serbelloni, in Milan, there was the big Italian fur night.

From 20:00 to 21:00 there was the cocktail where I could meet many friends and acquaintances in the industry  I had not seen for so long.

At 9 pm there was the parade. Seven are the brands that have marched, seven different styles but all made in Italy: Gianfranco Ferré, De Carlis, Fabio Gavazzi, Rindi, Maurizio Braschi, Manuel Cova by Jun and Pajaro.

Photos via Umberto Gorra


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