How to wear a fur vest

Fur vest how to wear it a giant question for all womens who loves fashion including me.

Lucky working with Lady Fur the queen of fur style today I’m able to transmit you watch I learned from her.

A fur vest is both elegant and versatile, easy and chic, but knowing how to wear a fur vest is the key question.

Surfing on welovefur blog I found all photos of fur vests wore by Lady Fur from 2012 to 2015. She changed looks many times (MANY) she passed from cat girl, to serious entrepreneur, from blonde to brown to black and blonde again and brow she is super creative mind so let’s see which will be the next look. Hoverer my favorite look is the last one where she wears the chinchilla fur vest. (fur vest photos of 2015)


pink fur vets
Lady Fur in 2015 in St Moritz wearing Volpi vest click here to see all photos

If you need to add a bit of spicy to an outfit, wear a fur vest is the solution: you will suddenly feel sexier and more stilish than ever. Is the typical add that help me to feel shining in the mirror, while a minute before I felt sad and annoyed by my image. Try it 🙂

How to wear a fur vest in a casual chic outfit

If you feel like causal and the most challenging piece of wardrobe you want to wear are a t-shirt and your favourite jeans, add a vest in fox, mink or sable at the top of it can change your day. A fur vest adds instant glamour to a casual outfit. For example Lady Fur in Beijing during a business meeting she wore a fur vest in chinchilla and crocodile with a normal basic pant and black knitwear.

lady fur beijing crocodile animal fur vest
Lady Fur in Beijing click here to see all photos Casual Look with Chinchilla and Crocodile fur Vladimiro Gioia

A fur vest is lighter than a fur coat: it has no sleeves, so you can wear it both during Springs than Autumn. A vest is also perfect for a walk in the country, a cinema with friends or an happy hour. Fur is always a good choise.

For example, i wore a fur vest on Friday night. The initial plan was an easy pizza, while suddenly we ended up to an hunter lovers house (really luxury house rich of furs). He started to tell us everything about his country estates where he usually goes to hunt. aggiungere cose dedicate to luxury.

Luckily I did not look bad, among so much elegance. And who should I thank, if not my vest?

chichilla fur vets
Lady Fur wearing a chinchilla fur by Ghielmetti in Milano in 2015 click here to see all photos

Chinchilla fur vest with hood is fabulous I hope one day my boyfriend will buy one for me. If you like chinchilla don’t miss this post because it’s really useful to understand how much chinchilla fur coat, how to match it, and how to recognize if a chinchilla is good quality and more.

Lady Fur loves fur vests with hoods when she buy one she always ask if is possibile to add a big fur hood.

Where to buy fur vest online?

Favorite fur shops of Lady Fur where you can find many good fur vets are: Furbazaar, Mano Swartz and Bergdorf Goodman

lady fur vest city
Lady Fur wearing a fox vest in Chicago
  • How to wear a fur vest in the office

Office wearing has never been easy, that is true. If you opt for a fur vest, even a boring blouse will appear like brand new. Learn how to wear a fur vest in the office is pretty easy: choose a neutral pair of trousers and a pastel jacket. Don’t forget a belt, is really important since the vest is often short. Consider to choose a belt that recall the color of the fur vest.

how to wear a fur vest
Lady Fur at Kick in Copenhagen click here to see all photos
  • How to wear a fur vest during the night

It may appear impossible, but the perfect combination for the night if you are wearing a fur vest is a dress. Possibly a red or a gold one, if you like the red, the important thing is that the color of the dress needs to stand out. Don’t be afraid to dare: a fur vest during the night will add to your outfit a chic shadow that will make every look posh and swanky.

fox fur vest
Lady Fur in 2014 wearing a fox vest by Vladimiro Gioia click here to see all photos

That is exactly what I opted for the last Eve of the year, and I had a blast, in part thanks to the champagne :), but also because of my WONDERFUL outfit.

Lady Fur loves wear vest with sexy lingerie for special night like in this photos

chinchilla fur vest
Lady Fur in 2015 wearing a Chinchilla vest
foc fur vest
Lady Fur in 2014 wearing a fox vest click here to see all photos
jo no fui fur vest
Lady Fur in Helsinki wearing a vest by Jo No Fui to find all photos click here
swakara fur vest day birger
Lady Fur in Copenhagen at Day Birger click here to see all photos
swakara fur vest
Lady Fur in 2013 when she was in (Cat girl period) Swakara coat by Carlo Ramello click here
rex fur vest
Lady Fur in Kastoria in 2013 wearing a delicious vest in rex by Annie P click here to see all photos


mink fur vest
Lady Fur in Monte Carlo wearing a Mink fur vest by Carlo Ramello Montecarlo click here to see all photos
long fur vest
Lad Fur in 2013 wearing a long fur vest in mongolian by Jo No Fui click here
mongolian fur vest
Lady Fur in 2013 mongolian fur vest
swakara and chinchilla vest lady fur
Lady Fur in 2013 (Cat girl period) wearing a swakara and chinchilla vets click here
sable vest
Lady Fur in 2012 wearing a fur vest in sable and lace

Now that you know how to wear a fur vest during many occasions, don’t miss anymore time and go try more outfits 🙂

Welovefur Team


In love with Lady Fur fur outfit? Here you can find them all in-love

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