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Tips on what to wear in Doha and photos of my trip to Qatar

Doha is fantastic, I will return at the end of December.

I was in the Qatar capital for 8 days, from the last days of November until the beginning of December. I had packed my bags with shorts, bikini, split skirts, super sexy tight dressess, tops with plunging neckline in front and behind…it all stayed in the bag. I hadn’t considered the Islamic laws that don’t allow women to reveal too much. Doha is a very religious city: so it is fundamental to respect their rules.

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Women: what to wear in Doha?

I advise wearing long dresses, playing with layers of tunics and big skirts as I did in the photos that you see below where I am wearing a white tunic in pure linen and a long skirt down to my ankles always in linen. Cover up. Legs covered, and as for the plunging neckline in front or behind forget it…

It’s hot in Doha, in the winter there are about 25 degrees in the morning and I went swimming at lunchtime. The sun sets at 4.30. The days fly by. For the evening a leather or summer jacket is advisable.

Gold, sand, white, light blue, red and shades of brown are the colours of this beautiful city that gave me lots of special emotions and inspired me.


I advise wearing simple clothes with soft lines, maybe in the colours of Doha, and enhance them with necklaces, earrings and gold jewelryor silver with stones. I for example in the photo I’m wearing a white soft dress 120percento Lino and a necklace by Radà, my favourite Italian luxury costume jewelry brand. (I previously did a post about my meeting with Daniela the stylist of Radà in Paris). The small back pack bag is by Giancarlo Petriglia in gold color python (Arab women were crazy over my bag and shoes)

If you go to Doha to visit the city I advise comfortable, low but chic shoes, like the flats I am wearing in the photo – Le Capresi made in Italy, with embroidery at the tip.

What to do in Doha

In Doha there are thousands of places to visit like mosques, museums, hawk shops. You can have a trip in the desert on a camel or in a jeep or better still in one on those mini sports cars. Read this article that tells you well what to do in Doha. I won’t tell you because as you know I like writing about furs and luxury accessories.

I went out every night and I had dinner in restaurants with classic Arabian cooking in the areas of Doha where there are very few Europeans, mainly Arabs and in more international places like the W Hotel, Intercontintal Hotel etc..

The Pearl is the name of the place where the super cool apartment I stayed in was, on one of the top floors of abuilsing with an amazing view.

The Pearl is a circle shaped artificial island: there is a port, there are loads of shops, restaurants and enteratainment. It is the IN area of Doha.

gold color doha
Bag Giancarlo Petriglia Shoes Le Capresi
Dress 120 Percento Lino, Bag Giancarlo Petriglia, Shoes Le Capresi Necklace Radà

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I will tell you more in the next posts.

The photos were taken by a local photographer, Karolina Bak, specialized in portraits, fashion and wedding photography. If you need a photographer she is exceptional. She was born in Poland, she has a very particular taste and what’s more she has unlimited patience.

If you want to see the short video did in the desert with Radio Chik Monte Carlo click here)

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