Saint Lauren the heart fur coat

saint laurent heart fur coat
Samantha is wearing a SL heart fur coat

I posted the YSL heart fur coat on Instagram, and it was sold the next day to one of my followers.

The Story of Saint Lauren the heart fur coat

The fur that broke hearts was part of the Saint Laurent ready-to-wear, fall/winter 2016/17 collection. It was Hedi Slimane’s last show as creative director, and she was a perfectionist designer with such an inspired genius that she wasn’t going to leave quietly. With her last show, Slimane wanted to leave a mark on the hearts of as many people as possible.

Do you remember the final look of the show? It was truly iconic! Lili Sumner – one of Hedi’s muses – wore a super sexy mini-dress, sheer tights, stiletto pumps and a red heart-shaped fur coat with an opening for the arms, inspired by the iconic heart shape motif of the House, in bright red mink fur. The broad, almost exaggerated shoulder structure of the piece gave it a luxurious yet ironic mink fur touch.

It would be impossible to analyse just how significant this piece was in just a few short sentences. This final look was like a love letter from Slimane to Yves, and it was a look that fashion-lovers are still talking about years later. The heart shape was a recurring motif in the Yves Saint Laurent collections during the seventies, and the cape was made of mink fur (although most fashion magazines have mistakenly reported that it was made of fox fur). The whole piece was lined in red silk, and the retail price stood at 12,500 euros.

Saint Lauren the heart fur coat: An Iconic Piece, and A Celebrity Favourite

Once the collection was presented, celebrities went crazy for the red heart cape and its irresistible shape. The list of celebs who wanted (and suggested) in wearing it include Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Anna Dello Russo, and Cara Delavigne. Nicola Peltz, Luna Schulze and Beyoncé’s little sister, Julia Sarr-Jamois also wore the instantly iconic piece, whilst closer to home, Barbara d’Urso also chose to wear the cape. The cape was able to attract the attention of photographers and gained many thousands of likes on social networks. This eccentric coat has conquered actresses, singers, influencers and journalists. Some have worn it in the dressing room, those who have shown it off on the streets of New York, Milan and Paris and those who have chosen it for the front row, but one thing is certain: no one can resist it.

Of course, the cape didn’t just attract the famous: myriads of fashion lovers have taken the opportunity to take a selfie whilst wearing the fur in the dressing rooms of Saint Laurent boutiques all over the world. And to think that some reporters suggested, as soon as appeared on the catwalk, that it was “not very wearable”. But not very wearable for whom? For someone like Riri, who showed it off in New York with a baseball cap and high heels? Certainly not. It was the perfect fit.

The Saint Lauren heart fur coat Sold to One of my Followers in less Than 24 Hours

In 2017, I didn’t have the chance to wear the YSL heart fur coat myself, but I did have the honor of seeing my first fashion show from the fashion house as an invitee.

I finally got to wear the Iconic cape in 2020 to promote one of the most exclusive events in fashion, a private sale of iconic pieces that have made their mark on fashion. The day after I posted the Saint Laurent heart cape to my Instagram account, the fur was sold to a very nice fur-loving follower of mine. I am happy and honoured to have been one of the few people in the world to wear the YSL heart cape. I hope you like the photos, I haven’t taken professional photos in a year.

Samantha wearing Saint Laurent Fur Heart Cape


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