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punto fur vest lady fur shanghai

Lady Fur wears Punto fur vest in Shanghai find all tips about how to wear it during a normal business day

This Punto fur vest with natural colors attracted my attention as soon as I entered  his booth at Chic fair,  the most fashionable and influential exhibition of Asia. As you know I went to Shanghai for a special project with Chic, click here to see the post announcement and here to see the first post –  soon we will share the video.  But let me talk more about the amazing fox fur vest you see in the photo. It is by Punto.

First of all: do you know Punto? Let me introduce this amazing brand.

Punto leather and fur is one of the most important brands of Turkey. It was founded in 1994. Please to visit Punto web site click here. I love the Punto collection because the style is really fresh, modern and at the same time elegant and classic, the attention they that put into the details and into choosing the best quality of fur skins and leather is really high. You know how much attention I alway put into creating my outfit when I do special projects. This time I had some problems in doing that because after Mifur Fair I fell down and I twisted my ankle really badly. So I could not wear heels and I had some problems to organize my outfit.

Luckily and let me repeat LUCKILY Punto gave me this fabulous fur fox vest with natural colors. Do you like it?

I chose to wear the Punto fur vest with black jeans, and new Joshua Sanders shoes collection and a Borsalino hat.  This outfit was so comfortable to walk around the exhibithion, and to do the introduction of the video of Chic Fair.

The Punto fur vest is not the first fur vest you see on my blog. You know I’m crazy for fur vests, recently in New York I wore this long long fox vest click here, and I also wore this shorter and more commercial one from Volpi click here, and I wore the chinchilla fur vest (one of my favorite because it has the softest fur) and this pink one when I did the lolita style shooting and this one in sable….  Ops… I could go on for hours I have written about many many fur vests =)=) I have many many tips to give you. Please click here to see all my posts with fur vests, I have written all my tips about how to wear it.


borsalino hat lady fur

punto fox fur vest lady fur

Joshua Sanders

If you have never bought a fur coat, buy first the fur vest and become more intimate with it. After buy the fur coat becease you will be more comfortable with fur in general.

Lady Fur

I hope you will like the photos taken by Yana Khankhatova

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