One of the best things about my blog is you my dear followers.

I adore waking up early in the morning and reading the love messages that you send me. Some send me pictures of fur, some ask advise on the latest fur they bought, some forward videos wiwth love songs and then there are many, many fur lovers.

I have recently become friends with one of them, a little Lord Fur, Carlo B. Doglioni Majer , young Italian student and fur lover.

Below there is the post written by him and some of his photos in fur.


Like you, I am also a great fan of our Lady Fur and like her I share a passion for fur.

I am a student who, as soon as the climate allows wears his foxes or pops into Fendi to try on some dreamy models!

My passion started when I was still very small: Among all Disney cartoons I have always had a weakness for 101 Dalmations, especially for Cruella…

I remember that at the age of six I used to play with my grandmother’s stole, I really couldn’t keep my hands off it. Then, growing up, I became more and more interested in this sector, that according to me still has a lot to give, also for the male world!

Among my favourite furs Lynx and chinchilla top the list, they are certainly not cheap but really are the quintessence of touch!


fur_fur_men young_fur_men- boys_loves_furs furs_fox_boy_fendi


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