Summing up a crazy week =)


I didn’t disappear! I am working and even more than before. I know. If I don’t post frequently and don’t share my life  with you on the blog you think that I am slowing down but this is not the case. Anything but!

I am working so that I can share all my Life with you, not only My frequent travels in the fur sector but all the rest: My passion for cartoons, manga, food, Luxury, sport, cachemire, fur, underwear, wool. Basically: My Life Style!

I haven’t got a Photographer Who follows me all day but This week, if I had had one, you would have noticed how many potential projects I have and above all how much work there is behind them.

Do all  fashion bloggers have a Photographer / boyfriend / litttle slave? Where can I find one? Just kidding!

It was a week full of numbers, business plans, histograms, tables… And let me add: discussions, changing ideas, happiness, anxiety, waiting for everything with My team to plan Investments and make projects for the future.

I also had a meeting with potential investors for My next collection. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

We have started technically restyling the site. Two guys from our team are working on the back of the site so if every now and then you see something strange it’s because of them. That’s Why in these Days you can’t view the site from a mobile.luisaviaroma_ladyfur_welovefur

Effectively we have started to build a real editing plan to keep you always updated. I am sure you will love it. =) =)

We are working on several projects that for now are top secret. ( I CAN’T WAIT TO TELL YOU! )

I was in Florence at Luisa Via Roma Party event and I went to Prato to visit a wonderful fur design center with a potential investor.=)

I am Sorry I don’t have high quality Photographs to show you everything I have done this week. I’m sharing with you a summary collage of my week.=)

Lady Fur

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