Mink prices have gone DOWN! Excellent! 

mink jacket is wearing minks skins

About fur mink market

Not only those of mink but also of fur in general.

Last winter the price of fur was through the roof. Making fur collections was becoming improposable for us designers. But now prices have gone down by an average 30%.

This is definitely the right moment to create a collection rich with fur.

The mink price comparison

Here is a small comparison of today’s prices compared to those of last year:

  • A male sapphire mink cost 170 euros and now costs only 90€
  • A male brown mink cost between 120 and 180 euros and now costs 60€.
  • A silver fox fur cost 250 euros and now only 140€
  • A sable fur cost 400 and above and now 200 euros.

Really this is a very general price average because everything depends on the size, type and colour of the fur.

To designer friends who often ask me if it’s worth using fur in their collections I can only give one answer: YES!

YES! NOW more than ever! This is the right moment because the market is on our side!  You can buy well =))

I want to share this photo with you. I was in Copenhagen during the May auction.

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Label system of Kopenhagen Fur

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