A day at Kick Nexus in Copenhagen

I advise you to open your ears wide and to not take your eyes, not even for a second, off the video: what Julien  Head of Communication of Kick will tell you could “switch on the light” for some of you.

When I say “YOU” I am referring to the companies / Brands that follow me and that use or would like to use fur in their collections.

Kick Nexus:  a combination of ingredients, a very powerful mix that allows companies to grow and renew themselves, in my opinion, a REAL SUPPORT. The project we have been waiting for to turn our sector around and that should be taken as a example also in many others.

Unfortunately, the fashion world does not keep up with the times and does not go into the subject but in the last few years, in particular in the last two years , the world of fur has changed a lot not only with reference to trends, but also as far as skins and workings. The age of the new final customer, tastes, society, are all changing.

There are companies that remain behind without innovating that impoverish, others instead that, by reinventing themselves are enriching themselves, still others that would like to introduce the new techniques of leather working, invest in new markets, produce in different countries, focus on quality but they don’t know how.

Kick Nexus has complete experience, knowledge of the material and of the market and contacts: from the breeder, to the producer, to the seller, to the final shop keeper, the brands. it has designers and furriersthat day after day invent new workings and and the base of everything there is “THE MOTHER” of this great project( if we can call it hat) Kopenhagen Fur,  Danish Auction House.

Kick is comitted to helping its clients evolve and grow offering the contacts, the experience, and the search for quality. it follows the company’s growth. A bit like a mother would do with her own children. It puts you in the best conditions to develop and grow.

It seems like a dream….BUT IT’S ALL TRUE.


Miao Miao

Lady Fur

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