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Red mink coat how to wear it find all my tips and photos

Last weekend at Sempione Park in Milan I shot this beautiful red mink coat by Vladimiro Gioia, a brand I have been speaking about on my blog for three years already.

Lara Parasuco, a stylist who pays a lot of attention to detail, helped me create this outfit (I must admit it was not easy because red mink coat is not easy to match)

Lara has been helping me create and organize my outfits for some months now because due (or thanks to) my thousand projects, travels and meetings etc… I can’t take care of it myself any more.

Red mink coat some information that you won’t find on fashion sites or blogs or in fashion magazines.

The red of this fur is Venetian fur. The whole mink fur coat is worked to give the garment more fluidity and softness in particular around the collar and on the skirt. At the sides of the waist there are stiff stitches that help highlight the particular form of the 70s style garment.

It’s a fur red mink coat with a capital F. As wel as beng ultra light and easy to wear, it is definititely this winter’s must for trend followers (not me).

I matched the red mink fur as I wrote before with a very tight body to give a bit of feminility to the skirt and moccasins.

I didn’t take inspiration from Margot Tenenbaum who in the film The Tenenbaums wore a 70s mink fur and moccasins, or from Gucci that in their last show proposed 70s mink fur with moccasins, but I followed my personal style. I really like moccasins matched with fur, don’t you?

You can find Vladimiro Gioia’s red mink fur

  • Joyce Hong Kong
  • Lane Crawford Shanghai
  • Harrods London

Red mink coat photos 

mink coat Lady Fur Vladimiro Gioiaparco-sempionered_mink_coat_vladimiro-gioia-fur-photo-4parco-sempione-milanored_mink_coat_vladimiro-gioia-fur-photo-3parco-sempione-5red_mink_coat_vladimiro-gioia-fur

  1. the first concerns my tips about “shopping”: you will find inspiration and mood boards with pictures selections of fur, cashmere sweaters, complete chosen by me
  2. the second one about my looks: pictures of all the furs worn by me in the last two years

On welovefur  I write about new fur techniques, fashion fairs and much more.

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Fur: Vladimiro Gioia

Skirt:Twisty Parallel Universe

Body:Pierre Mantoux

Mocassini: Pas de Rouge 

Photo: Yana Khankhatova

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