Take refuge in the warmth of the soft fur

[raw] fur_coat_for_man_lord_fur chinchilla-coat fur_coat-for_man fur_coat_for_man_lordMy Dear Beautiful Fur Lovers,

from now on I will try and love me more, take better care of myself. First of all I will opt for a sex detox interlude. Yes, my dear furry friends, for the next 21 days (no less!), I will make love just with myself, thus hoping to regain balance and rediscovering how much my body and affection are really worth.

So, YOU, magnificent creature, whom I shall soon meet (just my luck!)…. will definitely have to wait.

In the meantime, of course, I will find solace in a wide array of furry presents.

The glasses I am wearing in this picture, which was taken in one of the private bars of the Melia 5* Hotel, are just perfect for my recent mood, when you do not really want to pass by unnoticed because, despite everything, you know you are attractive, and you still want (and need) to be wrapped by something obscure and impossibly soft. Comfy and stylish also on sky slopes on a lovely sunny day after snowing.

The coat was designed and tailored some years ago instead, and can be distructured at will thanks to its many zippers. Fur inclusions can be partially or totally removed, and the fur itself can be worn as a waistcoat.

I really love fur inside garments. I am convincend a man should not show off to be elegant. At the same time he should not give up the glow and loving sensation of fur on his skin.

This is it, my dear furry friends. I will soon be back with more furry posts in which I will let you know how my chastity session is going on


Lord Fur   Eyewear in real fur : Natasha Morgan  [/raw]


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