Orange fur coat or pink fur coat

Orange fur coat fox

How to match an orange fur coat with a pink fur coat find all my photos and product selection

Orange fur coat or pink fur coat… I don’t care what colour the furs are. I love wearing them and the more difficult the colours are, the more sophisticated the models are, the more stimulated I am to find the right combinations.

Anyway having googled “orange fur coat” on Google I discovered that there are a very few furs of these colours. Major part I found is orange fake fur coats and as you already know (I will never wear a fake cheap fur)

Orange colour and pink colour together are a good match.

I have always matched pink with red. You have no idea how many red and pink Moschino outfits I have in my wardrobe.

In the photo, I am in Kastoria in my Greek Fur City, that I love so much. Exactly in front of an Orthodox Church that is very very sacred for the inhabitants of Kastoria.

I should have done a shooting alone, with just one fur, but Dimitris, one of my best Greek friends showed me these two coloured furs and I fell in love. The orange colour fur reminds me of Garfield the orange cat. Don’t you agree?

There are rumours that coloured furs will be the trend for the next year autumn – winter 2016/17. Even the colour orange is very present in collections above all in this summer 2016.

I really like the photos, they were shot by Yana, the furs are by KN Fur and the top and trousers are by Mangano.

Some people have criticized my blog. They said that my blog has “too much fur”.

I love my fur blog precisely because I share my life in this so exclusive sector. I am the only one in the world who can do it.

After this criticism I understood something. I will NEVER widen the target of my blog.

I have no intention (before yes, I admit it, I was confused. I didn’t know if I could speak more about myself and also about things that don’t regard fur ), that way I would lose my position. So, I will continue talking about fur, as I have always done, even in summer. Moreover, if I want to write about other subjects I will open another blog but I will certainly not ruin this one.

If you like my style click here and see all my photos with my furs

Lady Fur

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