Video Experience Fur Kastoria Fair

Dear Fur Lovers

It is with great pleasure and happines that I introduce to you the first video about my experience at Fur Kastoria Fair in Greece, one of the most important fur fairs in the world.  ( To see it from mobile device click here

As I announced in the previous post ( click here if you didn’t read it ), Kastoria nicknamed by its own inhabitants ” THE FUR TOWN “, is a city where the major part of population  is dedicated to workin in the fur sector. Generation after generation has passed down the tradition of working in the fur trade.

They produce collection of furs and also sell them.

In Kastoria there are more fur shops (very elegant and huge) than supermarkets! =)

All the shops at the center city display more than one fur piece.

Kastoria is literally inundated with advertising billboards of fur brands. It seems to be really living a dream.

Kastoria Fur Fair really stunned me : the stands were very elegant, ( also mine) =) the organization, the food excellent and the exhibitors show much interest in my blog.

They were very welcoming and really listened to what I had to say, which gave me a lot of faith in my work.

All the companies that exhibited at the kastoria fur fair were able to transmit the love they had for their own work as well as their desire to evolve and innovate.

I had the pleasure of meeting the President of Kastoria Fur Fair, a fantastic man, humble and elegant, intent on promoting the renewal and growth of the fur sector in Kastoria.

The fair was exiting!

I met a lot of fur brands, meeting important people of fur industry as Joe of Blackglama, Mark Oaten and Gorana from IFTF, Mr Avanti Furs and many others…

If you continue to follow me in the next post I will share a second video with all fur coats that I wore at  the fair, and a post with the final statistic information  about the trade of the Kastoria fur fair.

I love Kastoria and its fur companies: I hope with all my heart that the Greek economy will recover soon because these businesses are of great importance to the fur business and deserve to rediscover their past glory.

Miao Miao


In the video I wore a dress by Manoush, fur coat by Annie P, Sunglasses by Italia Independent. Video Antonio Veracini

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