Lately I have witnessed that the more I become popular, the more I become attacked by certain people that claim to be environmentalists and lovers

of animals.

I am accused of being “ignorant”, a “hypocrite”, an “assassin” by people who regularly wear clothes made of animals such as leather shoes and belts, who eat meat, use cosmetics tested on animal and who pollute the earth as do all the inhabitants on this planet. The worst part is that such people ignore everything related to the fur sector because their only source of information is from youtube videos which accuse me of many things I am not responsible for. For this reason I have decided to debunk some false myths in which this group of people believes in. I want to emphasize that all the information that I present below is certifiable on the IFTF’s web site.

Myth 1

Animals are skinned alive for their fur – FALSE!

Such cruelty is against the law in all countries where fur is produced. In addition, the fur sector actively lobbies to ensure that governments enforce anti-cruelty laws for animals. Not only is skinning an animal alive an incomprehensible act of malice, it would be very difficult, dangerous and result in poor quality pelt. An animal must be dead for several hours before the pelting process can start. Anyone who performs such a terrible, sadistic act should be punished to the full extent of the law. 

Myth 2

Animals are mistreated on fur farms – FALSE!

As anyone who has ever owned an animal can attest to, the condition of animal’s coat is a clear sign of how well the animal is treated. A fur farmer’s success depends on making sure the animals receive the best quality food and environment and that the eventual slaughter is as humane as possible. Millions of euros have been invested in scientific research to guarantee the best possible living standards for fur animals.

Myth 3

The fur sector is not regulated – FALSE!

The trade of fur is closely regulated regionally, nationally and internationally. In addition to such laws and regulations, the fur sector follows industry-wide codes of practice. The laws and regulations followed by the industry deal with everything from the welfare of fur animals to the effects on the environment. The sector continues to actively communicate with governments to guarantee that anti-cruelty laws are based on independent third parties and are scientifically shown to be best practice methods for ensuring the welfare of the fur animals. For more information, please visiti WEAREFUR.COM

Myth 4

Fake fur is more sustainable than real fur. – FALSE!

Fake furs come from petroleum based products coming from non renewable resources. Instead real furs come from renewable resources with 20-30 year life span.

Myth 5

Fur farming is bad for the environment  – FALSE!

Research has actually found that fur farming has positive benefits on the environment. For starters, real fur is a natural and renewable resource. Farmed mink are fed with leftovers from slaughterhouses, fish plants and other by-products from food production – they recycle wastes that would otherwise end up in landfills. Other than fur, farmed mink give high quality oils for skin care and for waterproofing leather, biofuels and other products. Biofuels deriving from farmed mink are considered a second generation biofuel, and represent a substantial improvement over first gen biofuels in terms of environmental impact. Finally, the bodies of farmed mink are used for heating purposes and in cement production.

Myth 6

Dogs and cats are used to make furs  – FALSE!

There are laws that prvent the use of cats and dogs for fur in Europe and North America and the members of the IFTF have followed a worldwide ban even before these laws were passed. Fur from cats and dogs are not suitable for fur coat production. There are many well taken care of animals in farms that are raised specifically for this purpose.

The fur sector aggressively pushes all governments to prevent mislabelled fur products.

Myth 7

The fur industry trades in endangered species – FALSE!

Wild fur animals are in large abundance. In fact, trapping of fur animals is often done in accordance to many wildlife management initiatives as some species to be abundant predators whose number must be controlled for the good of the eco-system. The fur sector actively follows the sustainable use conversation policy which is not considered a problem by activists. 

The IFTF has been a voting member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) for nearly 30 years and is a proud sponsor of IUCN conversation programs. In addition, the fur trade has supported the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species since its creation 40 years ago.

Keeping those statistics in mind, how could our field be attacked when we’re among those concerned for the health and wellbeing of wild animals?

Myth 8 

Animals trapped for the fur trade suffer for days in unregulated traps – FALSE!

It is important to remember that most of the animals that are trapped are not for fur but for environmental control. As a part of the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS), which the fur sector helped initiate, all traps must follow a humane standard: they require the animal to be killed outright and quickly with no suffering. Traps must be routinely visited daily. The fur trade is now actively pushing the EU to implement the AIHTS.

Fur is a luxury pillar of Haute Couture and Pret a Porter fashion.

The international Fur Trade has increased every year since 1998 and now has a worth of 15 billion dollars in the entire world. Despite this evident popularity, certain myths have continued to persist and we hope we have debunked these false accusations.

For further reading, please visist WEAREFUR.COM.

Lady Fur 


  • actually what you are saying is false.  news coverage has proved that animals are skinned alive (claims are made that this keeps the fur in good shape) and fur farms do not treat the animals well.  regarding dog and cat fur, these are considered the cheap fur and is used for trinkets and so on.  so yes, dogs and cats are used as well.  you are ignorant in your belief that everything is regulated. do you have the guts to watch this because i doubt it and by the way, chinese supply all over the world. http://vimeo.com/10152570 – you are spreading cruelty and false information.

    • You are out of your u are going tomind. who in their right mind would skin a live animal. I have worked on fur farms and can say for a fact that these animals are raised with respect and treated well. This is a livelyhood of course you want the best animals you can create. Sort of like your leather shoes , sneakers, belts etc.  Study about the subject before you open your mouth and not the bull PETA spews out

    • Nadine, If you want good information about a subject, you go to the experts, the people who work with the subject and are immmersed in it all their lives. You don't go to sources that are the antithesis. Going to animal rights websites for information about the fur trade is like going to creationist websites to learn about evolution, or the Taliban to learn about gender equality. If you want good information about ANYTHING in life, (in this case the fur trade), you go to the source.  You might still not to want to wear fur, that is fine, but at least you are being true to yourself by having a balanced understanding of things. You might then also understand that a lot of people recognise the many positives in fur wearing, and wear it for sound and good reasons. No one blames you for not wearing fur once you know the facts, but equally you do not have the right to abuse those that do wear fur.  But emotion based on not knowing is ignorance.

    • If you think about the process of skinning the animal for more than a second, you would realize that skinning it alive would be the dumbest and least practical way to accomplish the task.   Farmers are people just like you and could never do what you are saying.  It is ridiculously cruel and unneccesary.  And would produce an inferior product. 

      Just think about it and I promise you can see that they are ltying about skinning animals alive.  and nearly everything else.  PETA actually kills more animals than they actually save.  That is well documented.

      Just stop lying to yourself.

  • Do you really believe that bull? Whatever helps you sleep better I guess. Im not gonna quit calling you a pathetic selfish idiot though. I cant call you overrated because no one would bother to rate you. You are a nobody and you always will be. You make me sick.

    • Just think about it logically Keisty… If you have a pet you will know that their fur is not in top condition if they are not cared for properly. It is in the farmers' best interests to care for their animals.

      You are of course entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to say horrible and threatening things to the author of this blog. You'd get your point across much more effectively if you were not  trying to bully her.

  • All you have written is somewhat irrelevant.  The fur trade is simply not necessary – it is only about money and vanity.  these are not good enough reasons to hurt other creatures.  Are other industries guilty of this ..of course … but that is no excuse for promoting fur.  For money and vanity the price paid is fear and cruelty. We are none of us perfect but we all need to improve.

    • Hi Janet

      There are a lot of countries in the world where fur coats are essential.

      Then even leather good, food  ( as beef, fish etc..), cosmetic products that are tested on animals and also jackets goose down ( in this case the geese are plucked lives), leather forniture …..

      Most part of things we use daily are from animal origin and the things that are not are harmful to the environment.

      Fur farms are the only one that guarantees the best quality and healthy life ! Trust me.

      • I wear cotton.. I eat anything (eatable) that doesn't require animal sacrifice. Can your puny brain understand that? I wish someday, someone, will wear your skin 😉

        • So Chris, you think cotton lets you off the hook? Explain to me the huge use of water taken for cotton production.  This water comes from somewhere, watercpourses, wetlands all suffer leading to huge loss of animal life, ecosystems and biodiversity.  Are you happy to have the arral sea reduced to a desert for your cotton.  Not to mention Cotton is the largest user of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides leading to land and water course pollution , insect death, bird and mammal death. Then there are child labour issues, and cotton worker lung issues, but I don't suppose that bothers you because they are people not animals.  Like it or not, your cotton is causing animal deaths (painfull, un-noticed, and un-cared for). Even if it is organic.  You are as guilty as the rest of us, don't think you are not.  Does it take one puny brain to recognise one, or are you above everyone else?

        • You also Nadine. Synthetic? How Could you?  Are you aware of what that involves.  Oil, raw ingredient, huge polluting and land and sea rapeing infrastructure to get the oil to point of manufacture.  Huge energy costs, heat and pressure to crack the oil into ethylene for synthetic production. high temperatures and pressures and water to convert the ethylenes to synthetics.  All stages producing man made synthetic toxic by-product pollutants affecting land, water, AND air.  Then there's the dyeing, plasticising, flame retarding etc equals more nasties and their by products.  Then there's the domestic washing of you garments. There are no oceans in the world now free of synthetic microfilaments from washing machine waste. And finally the shelf life – use for a few years then discard, and it is in the environment for 1000's of years. ALL this, at every stage from the moment the oil is extracted to it's end in land fill or oceans, causes wildlife death and suffering and ecosystem damage.  Syntheitics?  Ok we have to wear something, agreed, but don't go around thinking you are doing the environment and wildlife a favour, because you are not!  It will take manmy many times longer to recover from synthetic manufacture compared to fur production.

  • If you want to wear fur, you wear fur. I don't care, No one should tell you what to do. You are the only one who decided what you have to do. It's your own choice. It's pity some people are unkind to you..!

  • With all your 'comments' you actually proof that you are ignorant.

    If you love fur you also love cruelty and torture of helpless sentient beings who want to live like you …. free and happy.


  • Conoscevo alcune di queste problematiche, ma non immaginavo che esistessero addirittura degli organismi statali che tutelano le procedure di abbattimento degli animali. Buona fortuna.

  • Well said Lady Fur! This story about cruelty is a myth to dispel. Everyone speaks like an expert in the field but probably they have to listen to someone who really works in fur world!

  • Brava. Stai facendo un buon lavoro. Gli ignoranti – nel senso che ignorano – dovrebbero documentarsi un po' di  più prima di attaccare chi lavora onestamente. Continua su questa strada. Un bacio






    • Sorry but you see what I see?!? I can read comment and the first part of them aren't friendly! In the post Lady Fur didn't told that people different from her are idiot and didn't wish terrifing things to her objector. And you?!? What did you do? You're like people that says hawaii islands aren't beautiful without being there. You're rather better because you despise a person and a world with a different opinion in a bloody way. 

  • in a bloody way????TELL ME WHAT IS BLOODY ABOUT MY OPINION>>>WHICH I AM ALLOWED TO HAVE!!!! I dont wear dead animals….and if u think killing animals for their FUR is in any way shape or form HUMANE…..you are VERY uneducated!!! I have seen and witnessed many disgraceful ways in which these animals on fur farms have been treated….but have you?????? i dont think so!!!!! educate yourselves!!!! Its a pity such low forms of wisdom BLINDS YOU ALL!!!!!! i pity you!!!!!  and why doesnt LADY FUR PROVE HER 'FACTS'???and defend herself…..because SHE CAN'T!!!! she HAS NO PROOF OF HER CLAIMS! HOW SAD!!!!

  • Sei un mito: Continua per la tua strada e non ti curar di lor…che sono semplicemente invidiosi del tuo lavoro .. Non scoraggiarti e vai….

  • Ho appena fìnito di leggere il tuo post scritto in modo semplice ed esauriente.

    Grazie per aver affrontato un argomento così delicato e di attualità. A questo proposito c'è molta ignoranza  e la cattiva informazione a volte è altrettanto dannosa. Resisti e persisti. Un abbraccio -:)

  • Terrorists do not believe in facts or truth, only their agenda….and if you are not "one of them" you are "ignorant" or "unenlightened".  It is the type of hate speach you see in any extremist organization or cult.

    Thank you for a clear, articulate post.  Sadly it is not easy to inform those that are not open to discourse, discussion or simply having a different opinion.

  • All 8 claims or lady fur are  vrey true.if you   follow  her. her blogs and videos she show's an exceptional knowledge of the fur industry. Samnta you do realise you have many fans ., and please anore these ignor ant stupid people (no the right word is scum) who send you threatening letter's full of lies, be strong the fur industry needs people lik you.

  • All 8 claims or lady fur are  vrey true.if you   follow  her. her blogs and videos she show's an exceptional knowledge of the fur industry. Samnta you do realise you have many fans ., and please anore these ignor ant stupid people (no the right word is scum) who send you threatening letter's full of lies, be strong the fur industry needs people  like you.plese send this.

  • Hahahaha…..soooo much pity for you mindless empty vessels with no souls, because when bad things happen to you, know that karma is finally working in favour of all the animals MURDERED for your fashion!!!! Shame on all of you!!!! Sick, heartless, ‘fashion’ whores!!!!

    • it is obvious that you do not know the meaning of the word karma! You are too violent. you are not able to discuss this topic like normal people? people who really loves  animals and do something for their are not violent like you! 

  • Go to every single fur farm across the globe_AND THEN PROVE YOUR “FACTS”…..you will then see who is LYING! Money hungry…animal killer!!!!

  • we have all read the posts which is why we are replying.  you are supplying false information and are an unreliable source of information. if people believe what you say then they are the kind that believe every hoax they receive. as i'm sure you make some money from fur, you will obviously mislead people in an attempt to keep your business going. if people are intelligent enough they will first research your incorrect information before believing what you are peddling.

  • Congratulations
    You  give absolutely a very right explanation. Do not consider all critics. They look for the battle.
    Enjoy, like me, of all these furs and exotic skins such.

  • Hey lady fuck face – funny how you look as ugly as Gaga!! You are a sad deluded little idiot.  Educate yourself and look up the cruelest country of all – CHINA.  No animal welfare laws there and yes, they do skin animals alive INCLUDING dogs and cats.  You people always use the same old deluded argument to justify wearing fur.  You can't educate ignorance.

  •  I would ask you to please, sit back and just try and think for a few moments about why people are so upset with the use of real fur. It isn't about sticking to your guns in response to other's protest and it isn't about standing up for your "rights." Do you really believe that you have more right to an animal's own skin than it does? For fashion? Surely your skin has to be the most basic, fundamental right of all. That animals are skinned alive is a fact, footage exists to prove this assertion. You claim that those who attack you wear leather, eat meat and use products tested on animals. You don't know this and in fact most animal activists are vegetarian, don't eat meat and do not wear leather. I personally do not eat meat, wear leather or use products tested on animals. Even if it is not me killing the animal or conducting medical experiments if I buy the product then it is done by proxy on my behalf. I cannot be responsible for an animal's suffering. You also refute claims that you are ignorant yet the source you cite is the International Fur Trade Federation. As a History graduate I know that sources have to be unbiased to truly be of use. IFTF has a vested interest in the fur trade and it's revenue. But what do you suppose the vested interest is for animal lovers? If no harm was done to these animals what would be their motive to protest? There would be none. I try and live my life today by how we will be viewed tomorrow. How will history look back on us. I hope that had I been around during WW2 I would have stood against injustice, I hope that if I had lived in America in the 1960's I would have been part of the civil right's movement. Had I been around in the early nineteen hundreds I hope I would have been a suffragette. Injustice is injustice whether the victim is a woman, a man, a child or an animal. Do you want to be remembered as someone who paid for others to inflict cruelty and injustice on the defenceless or do you want to be remembered as someone who stood up and made a difference? You are in the position where you could be making a huge difference to the world by promoting faux fur. Is wearing an animal's skin really that important to you? Is it so important for you to stake your claim over an animal's fur? Please do not imagine for a moment that animal's do not suffer. They do. You only have to see crates crammed full of dogs and cats, hear rabbits scream and see animal's continue to breath for up to five minutes with no skin. It is the stuff of horror movies and how this does not haunt you when you wear fur I honestly and truly will never understand. All I ask is that you take ten minutes and think about what I have said. If you have pets you know they feel fear, pain, sadness, happiness, joy and love. Please consider if your "right" to look fashionable is really worth it. Remember arguments can be found to support slavery, the oppression of women, homophobia and bigotry but that doesn't mean they are right.

    • First, AND PLEASE READ WELL : ANIMALS are NOT  skinned alive. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE !!!!!!!! Where do you find this informations ? On you tube? GOOD SOURCE OF INFORMATION !!! Go to a library, go on some right web site as I mentioned before.

      Do you know that there are a lot of countries that can’t kep up without fur coats ?






    • ITS LIKE TALKING TO A WALL>>>she doesnt see animals as living beings, created to live alongside humanity…not to be used for FASHION…..she sees no value in their life other than money….POINTLESS TALKING TO THIS THING!!!!! 

      • Stacy You have no evidence for that remark, and should apologise to Samantha.  As for "animals as living beings, created to live alongside humanity" – Are you blind?  Do you have any UNDERSTANDING of Nature and the world we live in?  Instead of the Walt Disney world you seem to think it is? All animals live alongside all other animals so that they can benefit from each other.  All animals and plants live off all other animals and plants by killing them and recycling them in order to sustain the web of life.  If they didn't the web would crash. Nature isn't cutesy as you seem to think, neither is it cruel.  It just is, it's how it works.  But within that we can still individually love animals.  Please get you head around that.

    • It's like hitting your head against a brick wall.  Caroline, get this into your head.,  ANIMALS ARE NOT SKINNED ALIVE FOR THEIR FUR. Ok you have seen videos.  That only means SOMEONE has been filmed (for whatever reason) skinning an animal alive.  Why on earth would you extrapolate that up to believe that ALL animals are skinned alive for fur.  Have you also seen fur trade videos where dead animals are skinned?  There are plenty out there.  Why do you believe some and not others?  ESPECIALLY when the only skinning alive videos come from animal rights websites (think about that one).  Of COURSE they are not going to show you the real story, it would completely annihilate their arguments .  Every day on the news we see videos of occasional happenings, (they are only news BECAUSE they are unusual)  But do you immediately think that those things are the norm?  Of course not.  Think about it – use your head – use your logic!  You probably have never skinned an animal, I have, it is just not logical to skin an animal alive.  Most people's morals wouldn't allow it.  It certainly does not give you a better pelt, why would it?

      Like I said, use your logic.  Before deciding which vids areis likely to be right or wrong, ask yourself.  Why skin an animal alive?  What kind of person would do that? What are the advantages? what are the disadvantages?  Does it make a better pelt, if so Why? How long does it take when alive compared to dead? Which method is safer? which is more efficient? If you don't know the answers to any of these, then do some research until you do.  It is only when you have the answers that you have the justification to decide which vids are more likely to be the truth, the skinning alive vids, or the skinning dead vids.  Better still. go visit a fur farm, see for yourself.

      And when you HAVE found out the truth, do us a favour and come back and apologise to Samantha and admit you were wrong

  • How would you know they dont feel pain when they die???? Did they all tell you that???every single animal across the globe tell you they had fun while dying, and they would all love you to have their fur???they told you that???you must be an animal whisperer, who can read animal minds! Fuck, you are more naive than i thought??? You claim to be well educated about FUR???wow….you are the lowest form of life I have ever encountered…I hope you get your skinned ripped of you…and nobody hears your cries….because thats what you are claiming!!!!you disgust humanity…a waste of a human, and air that you breathe!shame on you!

  • You have not been to all FuR FARMs across the globe….don not preach about things you know NOTHING about when you claim every FUR farm is humane….theres nothing HUMANE about murder! No matter how much you try to convince yourself…the FACTS ARE OUT THERE FOOL!!!! I pity you….

    • I don't know your ( false ) world but I know my fur sector that is reach of rules and regolaments….

      You use fur sector to vent your anger without knowing the reality that I'm tryng to explain giving certified information … 

      • UNTIL YOU TRAVEL EVERY COUNTRY….you don’t know anything about EVERY FUR TRADE ACROSS THE GLOBE…no matter how many links you provide with your proFUR friends…please…do yourself a favour, and really look in the mirror, instead of being so shallow….fashion….thats what you are killing innocent animals for_bottom line….!!!!shame on you!!!!

  • IM BEING VIOLENT_pppppfffffffttttt…..saysshe who promotes the death of animals and is proud of it because i am treating you the way you treat animals…with no dignity or respect, which you dont even have for yourself??? And how can anybody have a normal discuseeion with somebody like yourself, who is in the belief that they are righteous, and feel the need to kill animals, for fashion purposes????wow….shame…I am the voice for millions of dead animals which you think you NEED to do??? Because its healthy for the planet….wow….shame on you!!!! Karma is working against you, you dont even know the meaning of Karma, if you think IM being ‘violent’…..hahahahahahahahahaha….I PITY YOU!

  • You supply ‘info’ on your so called claims, by directing everybody to proFUR websites….obviously they will all be as deluded as you are…COME ON…really??? USELESS!!!! When you are trapping innocent animals…and making BREEDING FARMS for KILL intention…and call it HUMANE??? Theres alot missing in your head and you are heartless! Shame on you!!! I PITY YOU!!!!

  • There are always people who are ignorant and irrational, people who are informed and intelligent, like there are always ethical diamonds and blood diamonds, or fake LV bags and real LV bags; We all want to dedicate our time and effort to some good cause and make a difference; Anyways keep up the good work! next time when I want to buy quality fur I know where and what to look for thanks to your blog!

  • Most anti fur people are totally misinformed and never have visited fur farms. As a co-owner of a fur farm I know exactly how it all works. First of all it's very important to treat the animals really well to obtain good quality skins. Alive skinning never ever happens and would be very unpractical as well . Trappers and hunters play a big role in conservation and maintaining healthy populations of wildlife. Traps are checked minimum once a day and  are only designed to hold the animal's leg, not to damage it .

    Lady fur is a very compassionate and stylish person and we should all love and support her! too. 

    • That’s it, wheel out the ‘co-owner’ of a fur Farm (yeah right) who’ll give us the REAL facts. Lots of happy animals queuing up to be euthanised by loving, smiling staff who sing sweet lullabies to them as they drift eagerly into the death that they so badly want.

      In fact I believe that the latest fur industry research has shown that animals outside fur farms are unhappy that they can’t be part of it all. … please!!!

  • I think your extremly brave Semanta  the way you puut up with all these digusting insults from as your rightly  say violent & aggresive people who have no idea about the finer thiings in life, such as fur. They probley do not work and people like you who do like  yourself, in the wonderful fur industry  ,pay huge tax's so they can receive social security.and spend there time moenen and criticizing people are  sucessful ln life they don't hate fur, just jealous those who can afotd it, keep up your outstanding work,

  • I see you haven't posted my comment that I put a lot of time and effort into.. I spent ages finding videos on YouTube for the majority of your so called "myths" to show you they are Infact very true. 


    Quite disappointed but then again.. You obviously didn't put it up for a reason. 

    How can you say the videos on YouTube are fake when it's actual footage of these poor animals being skinned alive and the use of cats and dogs?? So tell me- how did they use trick photography for that? Please enlighten us because I really would like to know. 

    Also, you claim it's impossible to skin an animal alive because it would ruin the quality of the pelt caused from them wriggling around with agony – well yes this would make sense… But instead they beat them over the head with a plank of wood to knock them unconscious a couple of times and then get on with it. They do skin then alive and it is the most vile thing I have ever seen – so much so I had to turn it off. 


    Im disappointed you haven't put my comment on here… I hope you watched those videos I sent you.

  • Hi Jess,

    Thank you for sharing those video. You should contact the video maker, try to investigate where those farms are, who those people are, and most importantly, where those animal skins end up in fashion shop fur products.

    Some online video only show killing of animals. We don't know if they use it to make fur, or just want to kill/hurt to unleash their animal desire.

    For me I enjoy the lovely photos and posts by lady fur, and I feel grateful that she is helping to promote ethically-sourced products.

  • this is probably the most extense comments thing on your blog, fur looks amazing and they have a proper life while they are alive, so anyhow ill keep wearing them! xx


  • Samantha , you made a great job 😉 , and animal activist would do better job if they are more worry about plastic in the ocean, because plastic kill so many animals. Animal activist your target is wrong.

  • All these vitriolic comments, AND IN CAPITALS, with lots of exclamation marks!!!!!!!

    Its always a fierce debate. I saw a lovely article, researched and published recently, about how just growing vegetables is likely to cause quicker decline in animal numbers because mice have to be killed, and then the birds that hunt the mice will die as no rodents left to eat, and then….and then.

    Face it everyone, humans have a massive impact on everything on this Earth. None of us are right nor wrong.

    Vegens have an impact, meat eaters have an impact, and we are all doing some damage in some way.

    So rather than parading a 'holier than thou' virtue, get over yourself and realise none of us hold the higher ground.

    The Fur industry is regulated, but I am sure their are cowboys out there doing appauling animal welfare. The oil industy is no gold coin and so those fake fur coats have an environmental impact. Huge fields of cotton have a price.

  • hello samantha,


    i support you because fur is the one and only real ecologic winter wear.

    for oil a lot of US GI's died, they died also for the freedom of speech (this is what al the anti here do not respect)

    I am a passionate hunter, and I think the silly comments here arose from people who are far way from life and nature.


    Kisses hugs and regards


    (you know, the one with silverfox 😉


  • A great article that you write convents. Having myself been threatening or insulting messages on my group of passionate fur by anti at one time I understand that you can feel. but talk to these people is useless, they are obtuse and does not accept the arguments of others because they think they have the absolute truth. Have a dialogue with them is impossible.
    In any case, you have my support

  • Hi Samantha, I was hoping that you would have posted my comments.  Any reason why you didn't, or was it just too long ?  Regards, Nalan

      • It is a pity.  I did get a message saying it was being moderated.  It was quite long basically putting the fur industry into perspective comparing it to the meat industry which the bunny huggers chose to ignore.  If time permits I will re-type it.  Unfortunately I did not keep a copy. There is no need to post this message on your blog.

  • Stacy and Nadine – you are showing your age by your comments.  You really need to get a grip on life if you want to grow into resposible adults who can conduct a civilised debate.

    • I dont need to do anything….except ignore all you egotistical unrealistic ANIMAL KILLERS!!!! go grow some brains….and a heart…then get back to me!!!!

  • Ladyfur.  Please ignore the negative comments your posts are generating.  Congratulations on an excellent website and especially this topic in trying to educate the ignorant.  Unfotunately some people will only hear what they want to hear and ignore the truth.  Such people are unlikely to be educated.  But there are many who will listen and take things on balance.  So please keep on doing what yiou are doing. You are doing a great job.

    • Per questo commento potresti ricevere una denuncia.

      se vuoi commentare puoi farlo ma in modo elegante ed educato.

      se mi arriva un’altro commento del genere da parte tua aspettati una telefonata dalla polizia postale.

  • I read the article and all the comments . So as far as i understand it is not correct to belive the “propaganda” of the animal rights activist but ok to believe the facts of the industry because their truth is not biased ! but who earns billions the activist or furriers ?
    another thing. Why mixing ecological notions to animal welafre notions :as far as i know coton needs water but animal farms also requires millions of liter water. and all farming activities take part into global warming.
    coton or even faux are animal friendly right ? and what about leather ? it is coming from “food animals” unlike foxes or mink or raccons.

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