Greece: a beautiful Furry memory

Hi Fur Lovers this is a beautiful memory of my trip to Kastoria.

I was close to the lake rolling in my beautiful white fur vest with awasome hoods by Annie P, just a moment before I went to the fur fair.

Have you watched the video about the fur fair ? (If you hadn’t just click here)


fur_coat_annniep_manoush_dress greece_kastoria_blogger_lady_fur_coat withe_fur_coat_with_hoods_lady_fur lady_fur_welovefur manoush zara_manoush

I was the real me wearing what is now called THE LADY FUR STYLE (with the fur cat ears).

All the people who have been following me for a long time know how much the fur cat ears are important for me . Without them I don’t even feel being Lady Fur.

Everyday I have to have with me something made of fur because it gives me the right energie to face the day and the cat ears are the right solution for my style.

It is also because I’m a fan of the Japanese catgirls and I got the inspiration from them.

Unfortunately I can’t wear them in formal business meetings because not everyone is able to understand Lady Fur’s style!

By the way in these day I’m thinking a new design for my real fur cat ears.… Do you have any idea for me?

Here it is a post about the making of my cat ears and here you can also find the video: “how to get the look of Lady Fur

Dress : Manoush

Fur Coat : Annie P

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