From Fendi Haute Fourrure to Fendi Couture

Fendi Couture 2018 2019. Lagerfeld plays with materials, CEO changes collection name

What seems like a really beautiful fur, in reality isn’t, while what appears not to be, reveals itself to be precious fur. What remains Haute Fourrure seems Couture, Couture encompasses Fourrure through clever word play and visual perceptions.

For the Fendi collection presented during the last Couture show Karl Lagerfeld revealed to the audience exceptional garments that put to the test the ability to recognize materials at first glance.

Fendi, making techniques hybrid, managed to create a suit that could seem cashmere but is made up of 800 little strips and  1.400 checks of shaved mink, a coat that seems kidassia, but instead is in chiffon and organza.

Fendi explodes and amplifies the concept of fur just when it is reworking its own stylistic identity, camouflaging its dna.

The name of the collection goes from Fendi Fourrure to Fendi Couture.

 As CEO Serge Brunschwig explains, the new definition “corresponds better to what we offer: a fantastic high fashion service.”

“Initially the collection was launched with a focus on fur – he continues – The project has evolved over time, exalting the know how of the house, extending it to more materialas, just as Fendi has amplified its product offer.”

The house’s ability to create “camouflage” garments cannot be denied, supporting the indisputable ability of the management to “camouflage” the brand’s roots with the new image requirements for those that produce and work in the fur market.

To me it seems that apart from the name nothing has changed: the number of fur garments presented in Paris for Fendi Couture is exactly the same as last year when Fendi Haute Fourrure showed.

Fendi Couture 2018 2019 show =)

The collection dances between sublime tradition and the new realities of high fashion.

Here below are the photos of my favourite pieces

fendi furs couture 2018 2019

fendi furs

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