Nafa Fur Auction acquires Blackglama BOOM OF SALES

blackglama nafa

Blackglama in exclusive by Nafa sells over one and a half million skins at really high prices

6 February 2018 NAFA, the most important and biggest American auction house based in Toronto announced the acquisition of the most famous mink label in the world, Blackglama.

Blackglama mink were immediately available at auction already in February – March.

At Nafa the black mink was catalogued under “Black NAFA / Blackglama” and buyers can ask for just one label or a combination of both obviously based on the guidelines on the assignment of NAFA labels.

The union of Black NAFA and  Blackglama has permitted the buyers and their clients to choose and acquire the best black mink in the world as well as amplifying the possibility to adapt it to their own needs.

At the February – March NAFA was able to offer and sell over 1 million best worldwide quality black mink skins reaching the record for selling the biggest collection of mink ever assembled.

Who are the buyers? China and Korea remain at the head. Greece, that I really care about, made third place.

During the May auction Nafa celebrated 50 years in business.

nafa blackglama label
Photo of the inspection days at Nafa auction in Toronto photo via

Here below are the May sales reports of Black Minks by Nafa.

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