Photos Imagine Talents Backstage

I’m sharing with you backstage photos of Imagine talents’ shows, organized by a project signed Kopenahgen Fur. This is the third post about my experience with Imagine please click here if you have not had time to read the past posts.

Soon I will share a video about ย 5 days spent in Copenhagen, a post with ย 21 interviews and international fur designers.

For those who haven’t seen the video or read the article shared in the last few days of Elle Italia click here

In the photos I am wearing a coat edged in mink stardust of Kick by Kopenhagen Fur.

I had already spoken of the skin mink stardust do you remember? Ms. Fang Linping had bought it two years ago, the top lot of stardust at Kopenhagen Fur auction house ย in Copenhagen.

The high waist skirt is Camilo

Lady Fur

Foto Umberto Gorra


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