Fashion thesis DRAGON

fashion,thesis,ied,focus furThis is an installation that I created for my fashion thesis at European Institute of design in Turin naturally I called it DRAGON. ( 2008)
In reality,I was inspired by armour of soldiers of the eighteenth century : strong,metal,protective.
Accidentally the same night inside I was thinking of my installation I saw “The sleeping Beauty ” where a screenwriter full of fantasy had placed a dragon that spat fire at the Price who wanted to save the future princess.
Yes I confess it : I have always been a dreamer, so here the ideo of creating the DRAGON came.
Thirty seven meters of fabric called Pelo Cammello ( a material that is often used inside fur coats or to reinforce clothes).
Thirty seven metres of semi ruffs and ruffles, all filled with cotton and 42 housr stright of work!
After fur , ruffs and ruffles are my second passion .
The day of my thesis I made a great impression : infact my teacher wanted give me the honors , what a pity that for another bitch teacher that had it in for me , and my professor couldn’t give me fullmarks .
Be sure that the next DRAGON will be also more rich of ruffs and ruffles and will give energy, warmth and power from every opening.
It will be a real armour.
Only variant the materials : no tulle and cottons but more fur : MINK AND PYTHON.
I think you will like it.
Kisses Lady Fur
These pictures represent my DRAGON .
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