Remix 2015 my personal experience in one of the most important events in the fur industry

It took me a while to write this article. I was starting as did other journalists devoting the first part to the winner of Remix 2015: Yusuf Kalem a young Turkish designer who won the jury by presenting a fox and mink jacket inspired by the wings of the beetles that decorate the ceiling of a  Belgian building. Then, I stopped. I thought, why write at once the winner when I have a thousand other things to tell you?

Well, I will start telling you about my personal experience in Remix 2015.

February 5 at 18:30 leaving the Mifur fur fair I ran to Remix 2015. It is not the first time that I speak of the Remix on my blog, in fact in September I traveled to Beijing for the Remix Asia in the role of judge, click here to see the video.

Before the start of the show, I went backstage with young designers and after the dutiful “good luck” We took some pictures together. =)

Here are the names of the young designers: Yusuf Kalem winner Turkish, Sophie Sälekari Helsinki (second prize) and the Italian Lorenzo Sisi (third prize), Aarón Nachtailer Argentine, Yekaterina Ivankova of Kazakhstan, Elisabet Karlsdottir by ‘Iceland, Haoliang Sun Chinese , Lotte van Dijk of the Netherlands, Nicolas Martin Garcia from Italy, Polina Zubakina from Russia, Yelda Şebnem Eker Turkey and Yuko Koike from Japan.

All designers presented fur garments,  fashionable but not overly creative, rich inlay, prints, mix more like fox skins, kidassia, Mongolia, rabbit and mink skins together and interwoven. The fur coats had a harmonic form and the mood was clear and decisive.

What struck me most? Surely the men’s jackets with geometric prints and mix of fabrics with inserts in mink.

Before the show, I was a few minutes in the VIP Room with the judges of the contest and members of the IFF. The jury was made up of important and very influential figures in the fashion industry but with different roles and visions: Sara Maino, Senior Editor of Vogue Italy, Tamu McPherson ex director of – currently founder of All of the pretty birds – the Italian designer Gabriele Colangelo, the Group Director of Education Institute Marangoni , and the journalist of the Corriere della Sera Gian Luigi Paracchini.

In addition to fur garments I loved the video that accompanied the shows of the designers all very fashionable and impacting

The Remix 2015 supported by Vogue Talents has been a great success, I think that the IFF has done a great job.


The importance Remix  but also of the other contest launched by auction houses

Our industry, fur, has evolved so much in the last few years and is experiencing a generational change important. This moment will mark the history of the fur.

So many “old style” companies are closing because they were not able to renew itself, others close due to the crisis, but there are others (more than 20%) that are opening new brands of fashion and furs, new young realities and innovative products to meet the contemporary request of the new target customers.

Only 20% because until today the communication of our industry has not been very effective. The young students of fashion schools in the world DO NOT have courses dedicated to our industry. There are no courses on processing or the history of the fur.

In fact one of the major problems in Italy (and elsewhere) is that students come out of fashion schools have no idea what a CUTTER is, how you do the paper models for fur or how to use the machines for sewing leather and much more.

If there were more information / education it is certain that the world’s fur should be much better and the generational change would be sharper but above all faster.

I think that Kopenhagen Fur with Imagine Talents, the IFF with Remix supported by Vogue Talents, and Saga Furs with its Design Center are doing a great job in training and give opportunities to young talents from around the world the opportunity to know and work with fur.

I am very happy to be able to live this evolution in this historic moment.

I can not wait to see the fruits of the great work done by the auctions and by IFF.

I love my field so much and watching it grow fills my heart with joy.

Lady Fur

Remix 2014

Remix Asia

Mifur 2015 


Photo : Umberto Gorra

Jacket : Vladimiro Gioia new fall winter collection

Make Up : Matteo Risso


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