Fur Fair in Milan? Mifur ops sorry it is TheOneMilano

Fur Fair in Milan: Mifur no sorry the name is TheOneMilano find everything you need here

The Fur Fair in Milan? Mifur Milan was the answer! But the new fair is TheOneMilano by MIFUR and MIPAP is the new salon of fur, modern, cosmopolitan, that took place for the first time from 24 to 27 February 2017, at the Milan City Fair in pavilions 3-4.

TheOneMilano is a fur exhibition that proposes a new concept of fur, always up to date with high fashion, fresh and young. And not by chance LadyFur was the influencer that promoted, communicated and closely followed the first edition of TheOneMilano, telling about it on her social profiles and obviously on this blog later ;-).

And after the success of the first edition the second was confirmed that like this one will take place always during Milan Fashion Week, from 22 to 25 September 2017.

TheOneMilano: What it is and where it takes place

TheOneMilano is an appointment with fur and with the big brands that present to buyers that come to Milan for the Fashion Week – their collections of leather and fur at Milan City (pavilions  3 – 4).

Two appointments in February and in September, so at the same time as the presentations of the collections of prêt-à- porter, differently from MIFUR, that was held once a year. Because one thing is now clear in fashion: many brands present pieces in leather and fur also for the new collections for spring /summer, and only one appointment a year is not enough anymore. 

TheOneMilano goes beyond the usual fair dedicated to fur: this appointment is like an incredible cosmopolitan b2b salon with nearly 300 companies, all high range, able to reflect contemporary fur in its various declinations.

A new window for fur, that tries to make itself more interesting and more fashionable: not by chance one of the mottos of this event is to be “Haut à porter”…Haut de gamme and prêt-à- porter.

Behind the organization of TheOneMilano MIPAP, MIFUR MILAN is a collaboration with category associations CNA Federmoda. There is strength in numbers, and fashion is no exception. An integration of two events – the MIFUR and MIPAP furs – able to show the leather and fur sector in Italy and in the world at it’s best.

TheOneMilano: how the fur fair works

For the first edition of TheOneMilano five exhibition areas, all dedicated to a precise theme, that together created a coherent route for visitors at this fantastic fur fair in Milan.

  • B.Box was the sector dedicated to city prêt-à- porter, dedicated to coats with fur details and accessories 
  • Sprint was dedicated instead to more casual and sporty looks, with puffer jackets, sheepskin, jumpers and in general all outdoor wear.
  • Rossover was instead a more elegant area, dedicated to classic fur, stoles, gloves and hats. 
  • Glam Ave more distinguished itself for more luxury fashion: I am talking about Cashmere, exotic skins and evening wear.
  • Elements was instead the more b2b / professional side of the event with selections of skins for fur, patterns, dies and tanning services. 
  • The brands of TheOneMilano

Among the brands that che participated in the first edition of  TheOneMilano fur fair were companies like Gianfranco Ferré Furs, Diego M, Manzoni 24, Padova Furs, Fabio Gavazzi by Fureco, Agostoni, Alfred Cloutier, ALV (Andare Lontano Viaggiano by Alviero Martini), Sfizio, Nuovo Borgo, Baroni, Bluegirl Folies, Genny Pellicce, Biancalancia, Dellera, Di Carlo 1975, Jacob Cohën and young talents like Isabeau and Via Cappella.

Here you will find the list of all the brands.

Basically big companies meet emerging ones, creating an appetizing mix for international buyers.

The One Milano: the success of the first edition – fur fair 2017

Certainly one of the most interesting fur fairs of 2017: not by chance there were

11.154 i visitors– of which 7.000 from all over the world – of this first edition, coming from 82 different nations that visited the salon in four days. 

Not just an Italian event, not at all: out of 244 companies – and 286 brands – 50% come from all over the world, as if to remark that Milan and its fashion week are very attractive for the international market.

And as well as attracting companies this new fur salon was also able to bring in sector operators, who were able to touch the craftsmanship of the garments proposed and the most interesting novelties. Among the most present countries at The One Milano in February 2017 were: Russia (1.362), China (921), South Korea (447) and Ukraine (376), Greece (355), followed by Spain (282) and Germany (279).

There are no magic formulas for such a successful fair: behind The One Milano was a great work of organization and don’t forget the centrality of the product, that spoke the language of concreteness and quality. 

And what can we expect from the second edition of The One Milano? “We are already working on a format that is obviously different of which we will soon reveal the details”. So says Norberto Albertalli, president of TheOneMiilano.

Mifur and TheOneMilano

And as we said The One Milano would not exist without all the experience gained by MIFUR, the international fur and leather fair, one of the most important appointments globally that every year was held at the Milan Fair. From its first edition in 1996, MIFUR spoke the language of fashion and always distinguished itself from other sector fairs for being a meeting place between fur and the world of prêt-à- porter.

It is not a conventional salon, if we consider that MIFUR more than on sales has always concentrated on communication: special events at every edition – like the show with the best collections of the exhibitors – enriched the programming of the fair.

Interesting was its immediate slant in favour of the young, a tradition that The One Milano carries on: from the beginning of 2000 MIFUR started to involve and include fashion schools and young designers every year since then MIFUR has supported 6 young stylists helping them to create their vision of fur in collaboration with the International Fur Federation. The new challenge of MIFUR is The One Milano, that with MIPAP, a new way to see fur combined with jumpers and accessories, trying to integrate totally with the trends of the next season.

A fusion that inevitably cannibalizes MIFUR and MIPAP, but reinforces the Italian position as fair pole particularly for leather. This is a way of optimizing resources creating synergy among the two famous and successful events. 

Italian Fur Fashion Night a The One Milano

A new fur fair, certainly, but also a new way to get high fur back on the catwalk: in fact one of the key events of The One Milano was Italian Fur Fashion Night, a real show with 8 Italian brands and 3 new international  talents that were up on the catwalk.  A show that resulted from collaboration with the Italian Fur Association.

In this existing show participated: Gianfranco Ferré Furs; Diego M; Fabio Gavazzi; Giorgio Magnani Luxury; Grandi Fur; Malamatì; Pajaro; Rindi and the winners of the Remix Competition 2017.

To conclude this spectacular show was a Grand Finale by the auction house NAFA (North American Fur Auctions Inc) that showed a selection of North American furs on the catwalk, that distinguished themselves from quality labels to characterize what will be a real limited collection of the NAFA brand.

The collections presented at the Italian Fur Fashion Night Autumn winter 2017/2018

All collections at really high level starting from that of Gianfranco Ferré Furs F/W 2017/2018, inspired by the sensuality of the iconic Catherine Deneuve, with absorbing soft coats, capes and geometrical lines with beautiful crosses of material from embroidered taffetta, cachemire wool cases and super technical details in nylon-sill. Another beautiful show was that of Diego M that for autumn winter 2017/2018 brings an elegant but at the same time aggressive woman, with puffer jackets cut in innovative ways and games of contrast.  Lighter and more basic was the show of Fabio Gavazzi, who brought models of long coats in short-nap mink , and collars in fox.

Chincilla, lynx, mink  but proposed in an original way, fragmented, and that spoke with different materials in contrast for the collections of Malamatì, that are prposed on designs of flowers and butterflies, very interesting trends in the sector. The colours are natural and warm colours of autumn with hints of ocra, orange, bluette and bordeaux.

And again flourescent colours and inlays that enhance the fine materials used for the creations of RinDi, that are able to enhance the silhouette of embracing and sensual and dreamlike.

Mink, fox and sable for Grandifur: here fur mixes with knitwear, but the novelty is the coat in pure cachemire and enhanced with delicious gilets in fur,  rigorously matched.

Fur and animalier, always a winning combination, but with an extra luxurious slant for Pajaro, that uses romantic allure with pink jackets and outerwear with lace and tailored decorations.  Ethnic Inspirations and pop and rock for Giorgio Magnani Luxury. The brand for next winter chose peak colours like turquoise and silver, grey and black on the finest materials like sable, serpent, mink and neappe. More casual forms like the biker jacket and the vest mix with more elegant and effect stoles and coats.

How to exhibit at TheOneMilano the fur fair

To exhibit at The One Milano you have to apply for admission, necessarily by recorded delivery or PEC post certified emails to the Mifur Fair Body.

Here you can download the form to take part in the fair.

Hoe to get to TheOneMilano

Getting to The One Milano and to Milano City Fair is dead easy: the exact address is Piazzale Carlo Magno 1.

Wherever you are in Milan getting a taxi is quite easy and takes 30 to 50 minutes: Unfortunately during the fashion week the traffic is blocked and even finding a taxi is quite a hard task. So unless you have a personal driver for fashion week you are better off taking public transport.

You can take the underground and stop with the Lilac line at Portello station or with the red line at Lotto. If you come by train the station Domodossola will be fine.

If you prefer to travel over ground the bus lines 68-78-90-91 all stop nearby.

TheOneMilano fashion and fur fair: the new Mifur by Lady Fur

TheOneMilano is the new name but we of the sector will continue to call it Mifur.

<3 Despite thousands of newsletters sent from the press office of TheOneMilano to exhibitors, press and visitors we can do nothing about it, us from the fur sector call it Mifur for the moment.

I will list below all my past experiences at Mifur International Fur Salon to give those who have never visited my blog the opportunity to get a general idea of what Mifur was and what it is today in 2017.

Fairs are for me a point of contact. Meetings with clients, friends, colleagues, what I call my big fur family.  A family that is becoming bigger and bigger. From fur to fashion. The society changes, the scene changes, as I have been saying for two years there is a big generational change, demand changes, everything changes and I am happy that Mifur has made this big step towards innovation.

I am sure that soon also the other fur fairs will follow this example partnering with fashion fairs because, in my opinion this is the only way to make the fur product known in the fashion world and so share buyers.

This fusion is also a strong message to fur brands that continue to propose classic and repetitive collections.

The classic brans of fur must absolutely renew themselves, follow the fashion system, the trending colours, or soon they will have no more market.

With love


Lady Fur

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