Photos of Lady Fur’s booth at Mifur 2016

Lady Fur's stand at Mifur 2016

Photos of Lady Fur’s booth as Brand Ambassador of Mifur 2016 International Fur Fair.

I will do three posts on Mifur. This is the first, it is about my booth and my personal experience. The next will be full of photos, of my followers who came to my booth to have their photos taken with me <3 and of the fair guests and participants. The last post, the third, that we have been working on for days, is the video of Mifur and the gala evening. I can’t wait to share it.

lady fur's stand mifur

Let me tell you what I did at Mifur 2016

l took part in Mifur with the booth of my blog

My small team: Alessandra, Rai and I covered the walls of the booth with the best photos of the blog taken in the last six months, gave away to the guests a thousand apples with the label “Before you eat me, follow me on Instagram, Lady fur” and gave my best clients a bottle of original Limoncello of Sorrento by Alambicco Rosso with a message of good luck for the fair.

Every day I wore four or five furs of the different most important brands of the fair. Mink, lynx, Persian, sable


I took photos, made a really cool video that I can’t wait to share on my blog and on Modem Online, the most important guide for buyers and fashion in the world.

Lady Fur's stand at Mifur 2016Lady Fur's stand at Mifur 2016lady fur's stand mifurLady Fur's stand at Mifur 2016Lady Fur's stand at Mifur 2016Lady Fur's stand at Mifur 2016Lady Fur's stand at Mifur 2016Lady Fur's stand at Mifur 2016

Ale and I put up the booth on our own. If you have followed me on  Snapchat you will have seen everything we did (journey by car burried in packages etc, hysterical moments hanging posters, setting off balloons…) If you aren’t following me yet do it (DO IT ) you can find me as  Lady fur or photograph the QRCODE below.

Follow Lady Fur on Snapchat

At the fair I met followers coming from all over the world, China, London, France, Russia, Greece. It was beautiful! I can’t explain how  much I love my work. I had so much fun: I love staying in my sector that I call my fur family that, despite being composed nearly exclusively of adults (very adult) slowly slowly they are approaching the web and trusting me. (By the way yesterday I published a post about my new collaboration with Giorgio Magnani)

Mifur 2016 went well (REALLY WELL). It exceeded the exhibitors expectations but I will give you the details in the next posts.

Samantha Lady Fur


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