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Italian furs?  A furrier in Rome not to be missed? Easy: go to De Carlis, that’s always my impartial advice.

Italian furs: Where can you find a really special furrier? Obviously there is Fendi with a whole building, and its megagalatic collections and its pop accessories, but I am certainly not here to give you obvious advice. My blog Welovefur started above all to give you information that was more niche and above all insider ;-).

When asked where to buy really special fur in the centre of Rome I always answer de Carlis (here is the site), a very important boutique loved by the Roman and Italian elite and beyond. De Carlis is also one of the most loved Italian brands in Russia, and over the years it has made itself known also in Asia and in all the emerging markets.

So if you are looking for beautiful fur in Rome, de Carlis is the place for you, above all because it offers a tailor made service with personalized garments for all clients. Obviously you have to choose a good furrier by its garments, but customer experience also has its value, and here the clients receive five star treatment.

Rome is full of great furs, but if you want to be treated like a queen you know where to go.

de Carlis fur

Let’s start with the fundamental information: where can you find de Carlis in Rome?

  • In via Vittoria 11/12, right in the centre of Rome, between Villa Borghese and Ara Pacis, you can’t miss it.
  • The second location of de Carlis is instead “a bit further away”: Moscow. But if you are in the Russian capital on holiday or business don’t miss Carlis Furs in Crocus City Mall.  You will find some gems there too.

The history of de Carlis fur shop Rome

The history of de Carlis fur shop Rome and its furs are precious and I will tell you why.

To know the past of the brand and its fur laboratory you have to go back to the 70s : in 1972 de Carlis S.r.l. was founded, and after just 10 years it was called to be part of the Chamber of Fashion.

In just 10 years the brand in fact was known in the area of grand furriers all over the world, and participated in the biggest events to promote once Canadian skins, then Russian ones.

In 2002 after 30 years of activity it was time to restructure the premises in Rome, but the heart didn’t change: de Carlis remained, and always will be, one of the symbols of Roman fur and Italian luxury. Because the sourcing of material and the craftsmanship of de Carlis are priceless.

If you have regularly attended MIFUR it is impossibile that you have never seen a de Carlis show: the Roman boutique has always participated with its splendid collections in the Milan fur salon, and its pieces have always been very successful with the public and critics.

Not just a fur laboratory in Rome

For this when asked where to buy a fur in Rome I instinctively reply de Carlis in via Vittoria. I don’t have to think twice  because I also know that who enters this shop is literally embraced by luxury, and will remain 100% satisfied by the whole  experience, by the sourcing of the skins  to the design until they wear the product.

Plus in his enormous shop of 500 mq there is not just fur: you can also find elegant and sporty bags, cachemere, shawls and accessories for a total look. Basically it is an all-round Roman shopping destination. Inside you can find Borbonese – De Carlis is official dealer for the Capital -, Malo, Lamberto Losani, De Carlis Outwear, De Carlis Cachemire.

De Carlis is one of the sector leaders for fur in Italy and maybe one of the most important points of reference for Rome and luxury shopping.

Why choose the de Carlis boutique in Rome

Why buy Italian furs in Rome from de Carlis?

AsI said before there are two factors that make me advise something heartily: attention to detail, skin, price, and the total customer experience.

The materials used by de Carlis are always the best: the people working in the shop can recognise skins and also propose them carefully to the client. The design of every garment is carefully calculated and taken care of here, and is always up to date with fashion and trends, but without ever becoming obsolete. De Carlis is contemporary, and at the same time a great classic, thanks also to its great wearability.

His collections, over the years, have seen structured outerwear, boleros, colours, more pop effects and iconic, very classical items. De Carlis is not only among the top Roman furriers, but also knows how to present itself as an all round fashion brand able to dress different women.

During MIFUR Milan 2016 they proposed for example a jacket with a butterfly on the front and Swarovski type stones on the sleeves: simply divine!

How to wear a de Carlis fur

But the colour – Greeny brown – and the effects are so particular that I could have worn this fur coat even with a more sober outfit or simply with a more casual look.

Are you looking for a furrier in Rome? You can’t go wrong with de Carlis 😉


Photos Ekaterina Ignatova 

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