White fox fur

white for fur wore by me lady fur in paris

A white fox fur is forever: no matter what the trend of the season, there are iconic pieces that have always been good investments. 

White fox fur, long-haired, soft, elegant and unforgettable: pratically a must-have for fur lovers or for who is getting ready to buy their first important garment. 

But how do you wear a white fox, how much does  it cost and what brand do I advise  – and wear – ?

White fox fur: a must-have

You can recognise a white fox fur by its cold tones and  hints of grey /silver that make each piece unique. You will never find one white fox the same as another. 

The white fox fur gilet you see in this post is from the brand Rachel Zeitlin (here is the site), emerging London furrier that already has a great tradition in fur. Rachel Zeitlin represents, in fact, the fourth generation of a family that has been in the fur market for years, from the sourcing and the choice of skins to the finished models to sell to the final client. 

White fox fur: how to wear it

Check out the wearability of this white fox fur: divine isn’t it?

In particular this gilet is very versatile, and you can use it for any look. Sure, some still associate white fox with the typical snow queen outfit, but don’t be fooled, because a perfect match will allow you to flaunt your garment in the city and for every occasion. 

In these photos you see me in Paris: I was there for Paris Fashion Week and for some work appointments. I walked around the city, had a coffee, worked with my smartphone: so I wanted quite a decisive and practical look. I opted for this rock and roll  outfit: vinyl effect leather trousers, high square-heeled boots, a high-necked top, sunglasses also total black.

The final touch? A nice belt – in black leather – to close the gilet and make it even more practical for the day. 

The belt is by Oh by Kopenhagne Fur 

Look how the fox gilet is enhanced and makes the look a little “softer”.

But there are infinite ways to wear a white fox: flared jeans for a 70s allure, on top of an over-size dress or even a mini skirt with cuissardes.

This gilet opens the way to infinite outfits and infinite ways of living fur, because as Anna Wintour says – and as is reported on Rachel’s site –

“There’s Always a way to wear a fur”

I couldn’t agree more 😉


My white fox gilet by Rachel Zeitlin

As I hinted before, the gilet that I am wearing in these photos is by Rachel Zeitlin, a relatively new London fur brand, that nevertheless boasts several generations in the sector, and knows the world of fur and production well.

Rachel Zeitlin is also involved in the operations and decision making of her company, that is part of the prestigious British Fur Trade Association.

And the research of Rachel and her collaborators obviously is also concentrated on the trends and tendancies of modern fur, mixing cuts and materials, often also technical, more practical for all types of women.

The part dedicated to fur accessories is also very interesting: collars and stoles, berets that can also be bought online on Rachel’s site. Obviously the e-commerce ships all over the world.

Rachel Zeitlin: affordable furs and thical brand

What is the most interesting thing about Rachel’s brand and the thing that makes me appreciate it a lot? Her mission is to make it possible for anyone to wear one of her furs. Her models, despite the quality of the skins and the amazing models, have a quite affordable price. In particular the fur accessories have really competitive prices: you can take one of her best sellers home for a few hundred euros.

It’s a dream for shopaholics, isn’t it?

And what’s more let’s look into the ethical value of the brand, that offers the final consumers transparency and traceability of the furs used. The furs are carefully chosen thanks to collaborations with auction houses like Saga Fur, Kopenhagen Fur, NAFA and Sojuzpushnina, known for the quality of the skins proposed and for their transparency and respect for international laws on fur trade.

Ethics in the fur world are fundamental, let’s not forget.

If you go to London I suggest you visit their showroom: just take an appointment in their enormous space in North London to check out their immense collection. Just fix an appointment writing to the contact us section of their site and they will answer you shortly.

White fox fur: price

What is the price of a white fox fur?

Obviously it varies a lot and depends on the techniques used and the length of the coat.

A new white fox fur can cost more than 4000 euros, but obviously you can also find more economical ones: a gilet can cost around 1000 euros.

If you go for high fashion brands obviously the price rises notably.

It’s up to you how much you want to invest: an ankle-length white fox coat will have a certain cost, a short gilet another.

As always there is also the second-hand route and to learn something more I can refer you to this post on selling your grandmother’s fur, that help you to understand better how to buy one.


SUNGLASSES: Karl Lagerlfedl (new collection)

Pants: Wanda Nylon

Photo: Stephanie Lou


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