So happy to have been born in 1985 and not 1800!

Thank God for having made be be born in 1985 and not in 1800!
I went to  the Palace of Venaria to see the exhibition of 150 years of fashion in Italy organized by Franca Sozzani and Gabriella Pescucci and I can say that I am happy I don’t have to wear clothes from the nineteenth century with the incredibly tight waists of their lierallt breathtaking corsets and cumbersome crinolines. I love fashion history, I like the clothes of those times very much but if I think of the bother and the pain those women felt constrained to stay in those clothes…
Thank goodness that around the twenties attitudes started to broaden and women were freed and so also the clothes underwent a transformation and became more workable.
There were very elegant garments from Tirelli Tailors and 40 of the best Italian stylists among which Versace, Moschino, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, the first furs of Fendi, Sorelle Fontana and many others, stage clothes, dresses of the stars of cinema, queens and many others.

I could write a book on what I saw but I prefer to recommend that you go to visit the exhibition because it really is an unmissable event.Taking photos at the event was strictly forbidden so I have really very few of them =)

Lady fur taking photo with fur coat inside elevator
lady fur pic inside lift

I am dependent on forsquare ! I love it !

Lady fur phone screenshot
Moda in Italia Magazine on fur
Italian stylish place
Historic italian place

This is my outfit a vintage taffeta skirt , wool jumper from  Max&Co;, fur shoes by

Carlo Ramello and Ryban glasses.


Lady fur outdoor wearing pink fur vest
Outside italian place
From window of Palace of Venaria
Complete fur vest in pink color
Outside of Palace of Venaria

Entry writing for fashion show

Fashion dresses inside show in Palace of Venaria
fur vest in Palace of Venaria show
Palace of Venaria fashion show green dress
light pink fur dress
dress inside Palace of Venaria fashion show
lady fur back inside her car

This is my sweet little japanese car.Toyota IQ


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